The most convenient method for taking the assessment exams for the organizing institutes and the aspirants are applying for the same. The private institutions and coaching centers and the government bodies have accepted this method for taking their competitive assessment exams. Due to the OK organization and optimization of the arrangement of the questions, answer keys, grades, and the analysis report of the aspirant, in addition to the instantaneous results obtained.

Still, in some places, this type of system is not accepted, and people are favoring the concept of the offline pen and paper mode of the examination. As the whole examination system has turned to be online, they might face difficulties coping with the same and hence might need some training.

Knowing how to use these examination systems, one of the reasons that the people are unable to accept the online mode might be that the people are used to the efforts that are to be made to set up a question paper, and the respective answer key without the information how easy is it to select the questions with the answer key.

The automatic grading features once the aspirant enters the answer, which makes the whole process of conducting an examination easy.

Whenever an organization or an institute is planning to adopt the online examination software, the first thing that comes into consideration is the ease of using the software. It can be determined by the question paper generating automation features of the software. It is said that efficient and easy online examination software is the one that makes the process of question paper generation effortless and less time-consuming.

Hence, in the next section, let us discuss what an online exam software is and how you can easily generate question paper using the ConductExam software.

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What is an Online Exam Software?

Let us discuss the advantages of online examination software to get a clear picture of the concept of online software. These are:

  1. We have automated question paper generation functionalities.
  2. One can shuffle the questions asked, and hence no two students can get the same sequence of questions- resulting in fewer chances of cheating.
  3. Reduction in human efforts as the assessment process is also automated.
  4. They are also accepted by the government bodies to conduct competitive exams.
  5. One can easily manage the whole process.
  6. They have an automated result generation at the same time. Also, the results are available to the user anywhere and anytime he wants to access it.
  7. Few chances of errors in the assessment compared to the offline pen and paper mode.
  8. Storage of responses and results for a longer time using various technologies.
  9. Less number of people are involved in the exam conduction process.

One of the best and efficient software to conduct an online exam, ConductExam, is said to be robust examination software, with the inclusion of innovative features like online examinations supported by every web browsers, an offline examination of personal computers, automated assessment of the responses given by the applicants, etc.

The ConductExam software can conduct the exams of almost all the sectors like corporate, government, education institutions, etc.

ConductExam provides a web-based application for conducting the examinations, which can be taken by the applicant on the scheduled date and time. The examiner acts as the administrator who can create the test paper and set the relevant answer keys. Unique login Id and password are provided to the applicant, using which they can log in to the examination portal and view the list of questions to attempt, followed by the responding of the answers.

The sectors in which the ConductExam provides the solutions for successful conduction of the online assessment are Educational Institutes, Government and Public Sector Units, Coaching Centres, Olympiads and Schools, Appraisals and Surveys for large organizations, Training and the certification assessment, Distance learning, Colleges, and Universities, etc.

Some of the features of ConductExam include:

  • Management of Question banks.
  • Real-time management of Exams and Tests while the candidates appear for the same.
  • Users can be authenticated, and based on it, control can be kept on the authorized access to the software data. For example, candidate login won’t contain the dashboard to view the answer keys.
  • Analysis of the results, from both points of view: the candidate and the examiner, can be done in no time.
  • Notifications can be sent to the candidate and the examiner regarding the commencement of exams, receiving responses, generating results, report cards, etc.
  • Online selling of test booklets or sample question sets for mock rounds of exams.
  • Admin can have a glimpse of the responses of the candidates even while the examination has not concluded.

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How to Generate Exams in an online Examination Software?

Automating the question paper generation for the examiner can be helpful in the following ways:

  • Can create various types of papers.
  • Can create different question papers for different languages by entering the questions in a single language only. Hence, the software supports multiple languages.
  • Different question paper sets can be made for the same set of questions.
  • One can shuffle the sequence of questions to avoid providing the same sequence to the candidates. Hence, the chances of cheating are less.
  • You can pre-define the question paper sequence.
  • You can allot the marks or question based on sections and modules.
  • Set appropriate difficulty levels.
  • Reduction in cost and time wasted for conducting offline pen and paper exams.
  • Ease in utilization.
  • I can also conduct mock rounds for a particular exam. It would be beneficial for the students applying for GATE, IIT, JEE, NEET examinations.
  • Upload graphics and videos to make the examination interesting.
  • It can collect the responses of all candidates in a spreadsheet and can use it for analysis purposes.

In this section, we would be discussing the steps to create an examination using the ConductExam software.

You can create the exam using both- laptops and mobile phones or tablets in ConductExam. Just follow the given steps, and you can easily learn to create an online examination.

1) Create and Manage the Questions

Create a question bank first, from which you can select the questions easily. Hence, you can also efficiently manage the questions both- subject wise and chapter wise.

Also, be prepared with the classification of subjective and objective questions to be asked in the examination. Once the question bank is prepared and the classification of the subjective and objective type of questions, the examiner can easily arrange in the order he wants to display it to the applicant.

The types of questions an examiner can create in the software are- topic wise set of questions, questions based on the levels of difficulty, time-bound questions, compulsory and optional questions, etc.

2) Define the type of exam to be conducted and create it accordingly

You need to set the examination structure, type of examination, number of questions to be asked per section, etc.

Add a name as a title of the exam, a short description of the same, minimum eligibility criteria, maximum attempts allowed for each question, the time limit to attempt a question or the whole exam, mode of sending notifications like email, SMS, etc.

The examiner can use the functionality of adding the animations, images, videos, etc. to the question to make it engaging.

3) Add and manage the people taking part in the process

As an administrator, you need to define certain controls for the stuff to be displayed to the candidates. Provide a unique id and password to the registered candidates to avoid unauthorized access to the assessment process.

The candidate can appear for the examination anywhere he wants as it is an online mode, with instantaneous results.

4) Publish the prepared questions to appear for the exam

Just select the test and click on the publish button given beneath.

5) Providing instant results and analysis reports

As mentioned before, the candidates are provided the results in no time. The evaluation results can include the overall analysis of the candidate’s performance, like the total marks scored, minimum eligibility criteria, percentile rank, top marks scored, correct and incorrect answers, detailed explanation of the answers, attempted and non-attempted questions, etc.

Hence, these are the steps through which one can create an online examination through software and conduct it successfully.

Different Questions Generated in Conduct Exam Software

There are various types of question papers generated in Conduct Exam software. The question paper can be customized according to the examiner by which different types of question are generated like

  • Multiple-Choice Questions

Is also know as MCQ which is an optional based question that allows multiple answers. Multiple-choice questions are used in all types of fields. Where MCQ’s are mostly used for education purposes.

  • Fill In The Blanks

It’s a sentence or a paragraph where blank spaces are included where the candidate has to fill up the blank by adding the correct answer.

  • True/False

It’s a statement that requires an answer by mentioning whether this is correct or incorrect. In some cases, there are reasons to be given why is this statement considered false.

  • Match The Following

It’s a type of question where 2 columns are given and the student has to match the pair of the following question.

There are also other types of questions generated like, single choice, descriptive questions, matching the matrices, matching the pairs of the adjacent tables, etc.

One can also attach images, animations, infographics, etc. While creating a question to make it more interesting and attractive. Moreover, the questions can also be classified based on chapters, subjects, sections, etc.


In this blog, we came across the working of Conduct Exam, efficient online examination software, its features and advantages, how to conduct an examination using the software, and the type of questions supported by the software. I hope this information helps.