Overview of Our Web-based Online Exam Software

ConductExam is a powerful web-based online exam software to give/take online exams in the real and proficient environment with a similar test interface. The SAAS-based Online computer test software is accessible from anywhere at any time.

ConductExam is a straightforward online exam software that automates the entire examination process for schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes, employers, cooperates, and certification providers for quick and precise exams.

ConductExam is an online examination system; the administrator/ teachers can create, schedule, and analyze online exams, quizzes, and recruitment tests at any point in time. An exam administrator has full freedom to create an online education or online exams for practice at any point in time.

Overview of Online Exam Software
Create Exams

Create Exams

Create unlimited tests/exams in different formats with our online exam software. The administrator of online exam software can create a test by selecting the questions from the question bank.

Once the test is ready, it can be scheduled at a defined date and time to make it active. It is effortless to add/import different types of questions from pdf, word, and excel through the best online exam software.

Our online exam website supports various exam formats like multiple choices, multiple choices with multiple answers, fill in the blanks, true & false, essay, matrix match, match the following, etc.

One can also get study material in different formats like images, tutorial videos, etc. Questions can be added under different subjects, lessons, and sub lessons; also, random/shuffle questions are also available in test settings. ConductExam also supports questions in multiple languages, and one can take a test in their regional language also.

Share/Schedule Exams

Once the test is ready, you can schedule a defined date and time for registered users and students. The user can log in in the test with their login id and password. The administrator can add/import users under different batches/courses; the standard also sends email/SMS notification for the account creation, forgot password, etc.

Easily eradicate the chances of cheating with online remote proctoring and face detection. Get auto, live, and ID authentication to quickly verify the student giving the examination. One can also sell question bank and test series online by integrating it with a third party secured online payment gateway. One can also get detailed reports for the number of test series sold online.

Share Schedule Exams
Analyze Exams

Analyze Exams

Easily view/export different types of reports for the conducted online test or exams and analyze each user/students’ performance. Get a detailed analytic for the examination conducted, online test series sold, a student registered, etc.

Students can compare their performance through various reports like test analysis; the time has taken on each question/topic/section, comparison with topper, question wise solution & explanation, etc. Also, one can check the attempted, left, right, wrong questions, and determine their strengths and weak performance areas.

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ConductExam is a fully-featured online exam sotware developed with advanced technology and security. The exam software is fully secured with an SSL certificate, and keyboard restrictions also available.

Students can give online exams with desktop, laptop, and mobile. ConductExam and IOS mobile applications are also available to submit their test through a mobile application.

The online assessment software is best fit to practice unlimited exams of JEE / JEE MAIN exam, NEET exam, GATE exam, BANK PO Exam, DSSSB Exam, UGC Exam, ACT Exam, RRB Exam, IIT Exam, UPSC Exam, IBPS exam, SSC exam, UPSC exam, IAS exam, CLAT exam, and other competitive exams in India.

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Important Features :

1. Question Bank Management

  • Supports various question types

  • Single choice (Partial Mark Support)

  • Multiple choices (Partial Mark Support)

  • True & False

  • Matrix Match (Partial Mark Support)

  • Match the following

  • Fill in the blanks (Support range answer)

  • Descriptive (Text, attachment & URL based test)

2. Test/Exam Management

  • Section-wise Test

  • Section – Wise Timer Test

  • Question Based Timer Test

  • Mock Test

  • Exam Test

  • Image/Audio/Video Test

  • Generate Dynamic Question – Based Test

  • Conduct Certificate/Scholarship/Olympiad Test

  • Supports Subjective/Essay Questions

  • Directly Import Test from Word, Excel, CSV

  • Corrections can be done in different questions even after the test is conducted

  • Assign re-test to all or any particular student

  • ReTest Option

  • Admin can Directly Assign Test to Students

  • Full Screen Test

  • Internet needed at Start of Test and Submit the Test

  • Support user define sequence test

  • Support random question test

  • Support shuffle option test

  • Support dependent test

  • Supports Subjective/Essay Questions

  • Support compulsory attempt questions

  • Enable per question timer for a test

  • Allow to view question papers

  • Able to increase font size

  • Option to Multiple Test Screens

  • Conduct test with Multiple Language

  • Able to set Unlimited Time Bound Exam

  • Password Protected test

  • Increase/Decrease test Time for Incomplete Test

  • Support Descriptive, Dynamic, Regular Test

  • Face Detection/Remote Proctoring

  • Keyboard Restrictions

  • Supports multiple test instructions for a different type of exams

3. Student/User Management

  • Directly Import Student Details from Excel

  • Student can Login with Social Media

  • Show Solution/ Answer Of Attempted Question

  • Allow Students to Download

  • Print Question Paper with Solutions

  • Students can get Solution of Missed Test

  • Students can Report Question – Format Issue

  • Students can Report Question – Answer Issue

  • Students can Read the Test, Comment the Test

4. Powerful Result Analytic

  • Result can be graded Manually /Automatically

  • Result Analytic Report

  • Score Analysis

  • Question/Answer Analysis

  • Solution Analysis

  • Subject Wise Analysis

  • Section Wise Analysis

  • Comparison Analysis

  • Supports modify the result option to apply some changes in question or it’s marks

  • Difficulty Wise Analysis

  • Teacher can Evaluate Test -Wise reports

  • Issue Certificates to Students and Teachers based on Participation, Rank, City/Country – Wise Rank

  • Generate Rank Based on Test

  • Generate Rank based on Subject

  • Generate Rank based on Section

  • Generate Rank based on Difficulty Wise

  • Generate Rank based on City-Wise

  • Generate Rank based on StateWise

  • Generate Rank based on Country-wise

  • Generate Rank based on Institute-Wise

  • Generate Rank based on Time Comparison

  • Generate Rank based on Wrong Question

  • Generate Rank based on Regular Rank

  • Able to Hide Test Reports

  • Partial, Bonus/Grace Marking System

5. Study Material / Notification

  • Video/Document Sharing

  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, Personal Videos

  • SMS/Mail/Mobile App Notification

  • Share News

6. Online Store

  • Sell Test Series

  • Question Bank Online

  • Generate Discount Coupons

  • Generate Referral Discount

  • Payment Gateway Support – PayU

  • Payment Gateway Support – CCAvenue

  • Payment Gateway Support – PayUMoney

  • Payment Gateway Support – PayTm

  • Payment Gateway Support – InstaMogo

  • Payment Gateway Support – Stripe

  • Payment Gateway Support – PayPal

  • Discount voucher

7. Others

  • Teacher can Buy Test Series on Behalf of Students

  • Admin can View Live Test

  • Customize Registration Form

  • Admin can Schedule Test/Exam

  • Teacher can View Test Records for Each Student

  • Admin can View Test Records for Each Student

  • Android/iOS Mobile Application

  • Launch New Test Series /Integrate With Current Website

  • White Labeling with Client URL

  • Save Time/Money

  • Compatibility

  • Manage user web pages like banner, top-ranked students photos and more
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