Gross Account

Gross Account a complete GST enabled accounting software to maintain and record all accounting transactions with one time cost. Simple billing GST software specially developed to manage advanced accounting, inventory management, sales – purchase management for accountants, distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and small businesses.

This software is a robust set of tools that help you create and send professional invoices, track sale/ purchase orders, send timely reminders to recover payments, record business expenses, tally all transactions, and check inventory status. It can also generate all types of GSTR reports to get powerful insights on how your business is doing at any time.

The GST-enabled software is developed by a team of technology experts back end with business awareness to provide innovation that helps our clients to have a complete view of their business accounts.

The software is robust and efficient build with advanced features and a user-friendly interface that is best useful for Small & Medium Business segments, Traders, Retailers, Job working units, Dealers, Whole-Sellers, Distributors, Professionals, and Manufacturing Units.

With Gross account software, assure efficiency, complete, accurate, and foolproof financial reports, make important financial business decisions and work smoothly with your accountant.

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  • GST Ready with Return Filling

  • Customized Sales Invoices

  • Stock/Inventory Management

  • Generate Accurate Business Reports

  • Import Data from Excel

  • Receivable & Payables

  • SMS Reminders

  • Lifetime Validity

Why Gross Account

  • GST Ready

  • Ease of Use

  • Dedicated and Free support

  • No prior training required

  • Automatic Data Backup

  • Cost Effective

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