Fees Management System

The Fees Module of ConductExam is one of the most automated fee calculation modules on hand in the market. In addition to being automated, at the same time, most educational institutions are flexible enough to accommodate different types of incoming fee payments. Fees are calculated based on the category selected for the student.

The Fees Management Software is an automatic module that calculates fees, previous fee payment details, deductions and concessions that apply to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user has also been given the option to apply for a payment/fee cycle of more than one month.

Fees management system

Thorugh our fees management system, one can easily maintain the user-defined fee structure and range. The automatic bill generation option increases the reliability of the system. The system can accept the receipt of the fees with a few clicks. At any time, a user can verify the collection with a single click.

The fees management system is a key part of educational institutions and coaching/training centers. When it comes to fee management, the ConductExam offers the latest and new features.

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Fees Management System

You can manage data related to fees, and it’s a collection using fees management system without collecting student fees. You can see the total fees collected by the school in the selected date range. This module shows the fees collected by cash, cards, checks, bank transfers, etc. over a particular date range. You can also export the entire data to an excel file.

This Feature Allows You to:

  • Check out the Feed module for the date range or fee collected today.

  • At a glance, get to view the cash, card, cheque, bank transfer, Advance amount, or the discount provided.

  • There are different reports available that Fees Management software offers and the complete summary of student’s pending fees and collected amount.

  • Month wise outstanding fee details.

  • Daily fee collection particulars.

Manage Fees

You can define the type of school fees. For example, tuition, stationery, uniform. One can collect it for a particular year or semester. Our fees management software allows using various applicable fees. For example, you can create a nursery group, primary, etc. with fee types like tuition fees, stationery fees, uniform fees, transportation fees, etc.

This Feature Allows You to:

  • Take a look at cash, card, check, bank transfer, advance amount or disk at a glance.

  • Define different Fee groups for transportation Fees, Nursery to UKG Fees, Primary section fees (1 to 5).

  • Determine the fine or late payment fee that applies daily, weekly, etc.

  • Accept Fee in installments.

  • Obtain Fees in cash, credit card, NEFT, Cheque.

  • Apply the various fees prescribed to the students as needed

  • Student wise outstanding fee particulars.

  • Online and Offline Fee collection.

Receive Fee

Our Fees Collection / Management software calculates outstanding fees and penalties if applicable to the selected student based on the assigned fee structure. You can accept fee payments from students/parents from various payment modes such as cash, card, check, bank transfer, etc. You can also collect fees from multiple payment modes, cash, and cards using Fees management system software. It also records all the transactions you have done and voluntarily updates the related accounts. At any time you can view the selected account ledger, it will also print the account ledger you have chosen.

This Feature Allows You to:

  • Print fee receipt in customized formats.

  • SMS/Email fee receipt to student/Parent.

  • Adjust penalty amounts if any.

  • Relax if applicable to the selected student.

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