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Online Test Software is the best software solution to adapt for every educational center. Conduct Exam is an innovative and robust Online examination software that includes a comprehensive combo of software applications for web based exam software, offline exam, computer based test, center based exam, online assessment software, online examination system and much more. This software provides a protected and stable stage for examiners to make and arrange various types of exams for Educational Institutions, Corporate, Government and other leading organizations.

ConductExam offers a novel chance to the examiner to make and conduct boundless online examination without squandering any assets. Our group of master and experienced software engineer has builds up this software in the best standard. Practically all associations these days are conducting their target exams by online exam software. Associations can likewise effectively check the performance of the understudy that they give in an examination. As then outcome will get declared in less time. If you want to get free demo of online examination software, then contact us.

ConductExam is a abstract Web based best online exam software that provides web application through which an understudy shows up in online exam Portal but with the exception of a pen and paper that is supplanted by a PC/laptop/Desktop and pen-tablet improved by Conduct Exam most recent innovation empowered software. Question paper can be made by the administrator or its staff. Understudy endeavors the exam online on booked date and time through an enrolled login ID and secret key either at work area, workstation or tablet. Understudies can do everything, for example, can draw charts, figures, or compose conditions or explain matrices or make a monetary record similarly as typically finished with a pen and paper. Online examination system gateway is a stage toward the modernization. It will decrease your expense and which will in general increment your benefit. Conduct Exam consistently attempts to offer best online Test software to you.

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About Online Examination System

The examination system is the methodology used to examine the student’s output for their skills and abilities, or it can be said that the examination is the detailed inspection of the person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill. The same way the Online examination system is also the set of questions to test the student’s understanding of their skills or aptitude or maybe physical fitness in any zone of their qualifications with the use of the internet and computers. Pupils compete with the same field batch mates. Exams are conducted on the piece of paper and at the particularly given center hall, and this has been same from the ancient times. But what if the examination is more manageable and convenient to the students, according to their place and time. However, the computer-based test/exam software online keeps on changing and evolving with the passing time.

Our Products

Online exam software practice demo by Conduct Exam is loaded with rich and useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. To make Conduct Exam richer, we appreciate suggestions from our users and integrate suggested features in Web-based Examination System Portal as well as Exam App to make it more user-friendly.

Web Based Online Exam Software

Online exam Portal are generally conducted on Desktops and laptops through online test software. But now it’s possible to give an online test or exam through the phone or tablet with Conduct Exam mobile application for Android/iOS. You can download it from Google play store/Apps Store.

Web Based Online Exam Software
Mobile/Tablet Application

Mobile/Tablet Application

Online exams demo are generally conducted on Desktops and laptops through online exam software. But now it’s possible to give an online test or exam through the phone or tablet with Conduct Exam mobile application for Android/iOS. You can download it from the Google play store/Apps Store. The Android/iOS mobile app is synchronized with the web-based version so it can be operated from anywhere at any point of time.

Computer-Based Offline Test

Conduct Exam offline test software helps various Institutes, Companies, Universities, Coaching Centers and other organizations to conduct unlimited tests for large number of examines at their centers without any internet connectivity. The offline exam software helps to conduct computer-based examinations in areas where there is not a reliable internet connection available.

Computer based offline test Software
center base online exam

Center Based Test (CBT)

With ConductExam online / offline exam software establish a test center at your own school / colleges / coaching centers / corporate campus. The online/offline exam solutions help to conduct online practice tests, proctored exams with most secure testing environments, induction tests, psychometric test or any type of mock test. The software provides the entire gamut of services ranging from student registration to the publication of the final result.

CD/USB Based Test

Each USB is licensed for each system and internet connectivity is not required to take the test/watch videos/study documents which help the students to practice more and get familiar with the feel of a real exam like IIT JEE, AIIMS PMT, GATE, CAT, IBPS PO, etc. You can also sell your videos, study materials and tests in the encrypted format and limit the number of times access to it for the users.

CD/USB Based Test software
Cheque Printing Software

Bulk Cheque Printing Software

A complete comprehensive cheque printing and cheque management software for a professional touch and reduced human error when reading and writing cheques. Print your cheques with payee name, date, amount, “a/c payee only” and all others required details. Opt for customized and error-free cheque printing software to eliminate manual tasks fo cheque filling and convert numbers to words for your cheques automatically.

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