Top 10 features from the Administrator point of view:

    • Easy to add/import questions from word/excel format as per different topics & subjects

    • Support different types of questions including images, formulas, and videos
    • Create tests quickly by choosing the option of random questions and share it with users or assign the date & time to the test to limit its availability
    • Send emails, notifications and share news, documents and videos on Web, Mobile, and Tablet which is accessible 24/7
    • Analyze the performance of students from different available reports
    • Publish the results automatically or by defining the date and time
    • Third-party integration is possible, i.e., SMS, email, online payment gateway, etc.

    • Sell your online test series and get monetary benefits

    • Create sub admins under your supervision and assign different roles and responsibilities

    • Import and Export of data in excel, word, and pdf formats

    Top 10 features from the User point of view:

    • Synchronization of online test on Web and Mobile/Tablet which is accessible 24/7
    • Instant scorecard after submitting the online test
    • All India ranking available, which helps in knowing the current performance

    • Identify questions/topics/sections that take most/least time
    • Question wise solution and explanation
    • Detailed reports are available for proper Test Analysis
    • Analyze performance by comparing with toppers
    • Bookmark questions and review them anytime
    • Focus on weak areas and concentrate more on it
    • Download the available Documents and Videos

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