In the educational sector technology is changing so fast so we have to keep update ourselves in a very efficient way. These changes are really fruitful and they are quite beneficial to the student’s perspectives. Evaluation of all is one of the important factors so far. It will decide the future of the students so we cannot take any risk about this matter.

So we have to apply the modern evaluation technique of all. So the online method exam is one of them. It becomes very popular nowadays as the benefits of this method are really appreciable. The traditional method of evaluation is too time-consuming and it was not that better in terms of accuracy.

So in this technical generation, the educators are applying more smart techniques to evaluate their students. This only saves our time but also result would be accurate so far. We just need software and learn some modules and then apply them in a successful way.

So the educator has to install the proper software and then give the link to their students so that they could connect to it. Some perfect packages are easily accessible everywhere so the teacher has to learn about it. So almost all educational institutes are doing research on this outstanding technique. In this blog, we will discuss the features or benefits of it!

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What Is An Online Exam Software?

This method will support a lot of problems regarding the overall process. It will create subdomains and analyze the performance of all in a very efficient way. The educators can generate a lot of test series or analyze the evaluation of all then execute them properly.

We have to assign some roles and responsibilities to all the supervisors to export the result efficiently. The main benefit is there we can access it 24*7 times. We can also compare the performance and set a benchmark for them properly. But our main focus would be module wise and keep concentration on them.

Online exams are evaluated the odd place which is a very important point from another perspective. So the overall process is fully automated and it is very trustworthy also.

So it is one of the real-time evaluation software which will meet specific requirements. This is also an anti-cheating technology that is very secure. It is the most convenient gateway for all the educators for smooth execution. It will track students, as a self-service portal it is easily accessible for all. One extra feature is added to this software that is 3 point authentication. So we can deploy it in a real-time system.

Top 10 Features Of Online Exam Software

Here is a brief list of features that are included in this software and this is the reason that most of the educational institute is going to use it efficiently:

1. High Level of Exam

The educators can divide the module into submodules so that they can focus on every module very carefully. So the level of the process would be higher. This will automatically analyze the submodule and evaluate them in an inappropriate way.

2. Efficient Guidelines

The teachers who used to traditional assessment methods are quite lengthy and time-consuming also. Now the educators have to learn the methods which apply them accordingly. They can create an exam in their own way.

There are helpline numbers that are there which are already there to help the students with any queries. Students have to just log in to the system then after entering the password, they can start their exam. So proper and easy guidelines are available in this system.

3. Accessible Question Bank

As we have mentioned earlier that the examiner can prepare a lot of test banks so that they could prepare a lot of question banks. So these are available to the students use this series of tests for more practice and that would be really beneficial to them for the main exam.

4. Less Administrative Work

In the traditional method, a lot of admin work was there. So many paperwork, supervisors are required to conduct the exam. We have rent a specific location also for the conduction of the exam. Now online exam can take place from any remote position, so hectic task was gone and it is really very easy not. so we can say it implies less admin work.

5. Satisfied Result

This method is very secure as the concept of cheating is no more applicable to this. So the teacher got to relax about it and wait for an accurate result. The teacher can make a comparison table also to see the benchmark of every student individually. They have to just download the result and assess them.

6. Cost-Effective

The main advantage of this software is cost-effectiveness. There is no cost to buy papers, pens, other accessories, supervision, rent a room, and a lot of things. The previous technique was quite lengthy as compare to this method saves a lot of time along with a lot of money!

7. Simple API

It has one of the most simple features that is a simple API. It provides customer support and also user support. Also, it is highly scalable and the guidelines are quite simple to access for all.


This factor matter a lot especially in the terms of security. As a simple API is included here that doesn’t mean security is less. No role of cheating and no role of misconduct in of exam. There is no way to cheat others anymore. all things are easily migrated with that method.

9. Fast Access To Report

In this technique, the result is evaluated very quickly. And the accuracy is too high. In the paper-based method, lots of paperwork were there, but in this process, the reports are evaluated quickly. By this execution process is very fast and also accurate!

10. Reduce Time

As all the processes are made very quickly so it is but obviously the easiest process so far. It can reduce all logistics time, admin work, and processing time also. There is no need to collect back the papers for the examiners and further processing. It is quite easy to manage the overall process. So time management has played a vital role in any exam so this method can reduce the time effectively.

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Benefits Of Online Exam Software

Today many institutes are using this software in the admission process along with the examination process and fees payment also. It has so many benefits. That is why we can convince anyone to use this software.

Because of its flexibility and scalability property, it has reduced a lot of tasks as well as it is very much time-consuming. Quick result processing is one of them. We can get rid of the examination center.

It can also reduce a lot of logistical costs. It is very much compatible with the user’s point of view. Question paper generation is very easy module wise. Result analysis is quite fast and we can set the benchmark accordingly.

This would ensure that the same student is appearing for the exam and the system is able to keep track of the student during the exam. No tension to hire supervisors from other locations.

It gives you the flexibility to design exam papers, evaluate and grade them, there can be the same or different questions for students also. Many examiners are involved in the compilation of the final result. The online examination software is a good product solution and it reduces the chances of cheating and leak outs.


New techniques are making it easier or accessible to a large number of students. This has changed the lives of many students who often find it difficult to reach the exam center on time. For which many well-renowned companies and education institutions are there for their candidates.

Multiple test types in an exam give the best predictive value, so we have various and different types of tests namely cognitive ability tests, programming tests, software skill tests, personality tests, culture fit tests, language tests, etc.

Online exam software is highly popular so it helps institutes and organizations manage all the critical tasks related to conducting examinations. While different exam software systems vary slightly in terms of their functionality

It is beneficial for creating a well-customized exam, questionnaires, and managing certification courses. An intuitive dashboard, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support make it a must-have exam management software for all types of educational institutions.

It is highly navigable and has an intuitive dashboard that enhances visibility by displaying all key performance parameters. This software enables us to conduct various types, including but not limited to entrance exams, semester exams, and corporate assessments.

Whether you want to create online quizzes for learning, knowledge checks, or skill practice, ConductExam Quizmaker can be an ideal pick for you. It allows you to assess skills, competence, and reinforce knowledge after training that teaches their employees through quizzes and let employees practice new skills.