Online exam software helps educational institutions to conduct online exams. They can take exams for their students online. It provides all features required to conduct online exams. Conduct Exam is an online exam software that allows educational institutions to conduct online exams. Online exams give freedom to institutes and students also. Students can attend exams from anywhere. They don’t need to go to school or college to attend exams.

It is a great innovative task. As technology is growing and for student’s evolution purpose educational institutes have to set question papers in a specific way. Based on these exams institutes have to give appropriate feedback to their parents. This tool helps to design the question paper according to you. It provides some templates and also you can create custom test papers.

This process can be executed for all educational institutes, Universities affiliated colleges, coaching institutes, schools, and other academic institutions. We can get a review of this paper from specific subject teachers. This process is very supportive and can be executed very smoothly.
Conduct exam provides some features line Proctoring, Random tests, Live Concurrent Students and Reporting Subjective and Objective Tests, Study material & videos, Import Questions, Supports Audio/Video Questions, Live Chat, Payment Gateway Integration, Export Data, Answer correction & Modify results, Allot Bonus marks, User-friendly, Easy to use platform, Merging result for the online/offline test, Automatic Result & Certification generation.

No, I think a question may pop up in your mind what is a question paper generator exactly?

A question paper generator is software that can generate a bulk of question papers in any language. All question paper is generated in a specific way and standard. The subject expert should be responsible for this. Questions are generated based on the understanding level of students.

You can set the timeline for the generation of the question paper. This can take place in a week, month, or year depending on the teacher or professor. Many higher institutes generate the question paper using such kind of question paper generator software. This can help to judge the student’s understanding level.

You can import the questions directly into the software by using any external file available. Once you imported the question paper file into the software then one question bank will be created it will be stored in it. You can divide the question paper as per your need like topic-wise, chapter-wise, subject-wise, and according to the class. You can also set the level of questions as per difficulties like level 1, level 2, level 3, etc.
Today we will discuss the main feature of this software and which is the Question Paper Generator.

Features Of Test Generator Software:

Support multiple types of question papers

There are many types of questions that can be asked in exams. Like MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions), True/False, Matching questions, Short Answers, and Brief Answers. All these types are included in our question paper generator software.

  • MCQ( Multiple Choice Questions )

In this type there are 4 options are given to the examinee in order to answer. Examinees have to select one correct answer from them. MCQ types of questions are easier to understand and it takes less time to check correct answers. ConductExam software avail you with this feature and conduct the online exam in MCQ type.


Question paper generator made generating question paper easy. As we have discussed above that it can generate all kinds of question papers. It can also generate TRUE/FALSE types of questions. In this type of question, there is only two option and that is TRUE/FALSE. The examinee has to select from these two options only. If the question is correct then the candidate has to select TRUE otherwise FALSE. The question is designed in such a manner that only the question is right or wrong.


In matching, questions candidates have to match the given items with correct. If there are 5 questions then 5 correct answers to these questions are given randomly. Examinees have to match the questions with their correct answers. We can also say this match the pair. These types of questions consume less time to answer. ConductExam provides a feature to generate such types of matching questions.


In this type, the candidate has to answer the question in one word or one sentence. They don’t have to describe the answer only one word is enough to answer the question. ConductExam provides you with this feature to arrange your questions and make a question paper. It also allows importing question paper directly.


In brief answers, the candidate has to answer the question briefly. This means they have to describe the answer in more words and cover the main topic of that question. It helps students to understand what exactly the topic means. These types of questions consume more time to answer and check.

Generate Individual Language Wise Question Paper

Our question paper generator consists of this feature to generate the question paper in your own individual language. This means if any school wants to generate a question paper in the Gujarati language then they can generate it using our question paper generator software. Generating a time language-wise question paper is possible with ConductExam question paper generation easily.

At a Time Generate Multiple Copies

Multiple copies of question papers are possible with our question paper generator. This saves a lot of time for the institute. You have also seen in board examinations that every student has a different set of question papers. This means they have the same questions but in a different order or random order. These different sets are possible with our ConductExam question paper generator. It easily creates different sets of one-question paper with just a click. You can use the template given by the question paper generator or you can create custom sets also.

Question and option shuffle functionality

Suppose you want to create an MCQ-type question paper for the exam and you also want to shuffle each option of that question to make it impossible for students to cheat. But if you do it manually then it may take up to 3-4 hours for you to create it. But ConductExam online question paper generator. It shuffles the questions and its option answers within a minute and provides you shuffled question papers.

Subjective & Objective Question paper

You can create subjective and objective question papers combined. If you want to create a paper with a paper style like 50 marks objective and 50 marks subjective. Then you can easily create this with the ConductExam question paper generator. Our question paper generator can easily create objective and subjective type question papers combined.

Generate sequence-wise question paper

You can create sequence-wise questions also. For example, if you want an A section and in this, you have to create 1 to 10 sequences, this can be easily created with our question paper generator. Sequence sections and sub-sections also can be created with this software.

Set marks on question-wise, module-wise, and marks not displayed on the question paper

You can also set marks for a particular question. Particular marks of a section can also be set with a question paper generator. It’s on you whether to weather marks display marks on question papers or not. If you want to hide marks on each question then it also can happen with this software.



We have discussed the benefits of our question paper generator. How it made question papers easy to generate and reduced the manpower. Question paper generator plays a vital role in many large educational institutions. This saves their time to generate question papers every time. All they have to do is generate a question paper once and use it every time by shuffling. This helps them to save time and reduce manpower. All these tasks are done automatically and they can focus on their other work. Question paper generator software is also affordable. I hope the above information will help you in many ways. Contact us if you are also interested to buy an online question paper generator.

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