How to start online exam?

Nowadays it is an important requirement to adopt online exam software which is beneficial and helpful for students and educational institute both.

To avoid cheating is the most troublesome errand for any educational centers. It is a major test for each establishment to keep up the security of the question paper, answer sheet, results and so forth. Online test platform makes exam process more secure, proficient and transparent.

There are mainly five ways to start an online exam over internet and mobile in easy steps.

  • 1. Web-based online exam
  • 2. Mobile/Tablet based online exam
  • 3. Center-based online exam
  • 4. Proctoring based online exam
  • 5. Online exam portal based test series exam.

1. Web-based online exam

To conduct web-based online exam, an administrator requires a good web-based online exam software like online exam software.

This exam software work on a web platform from any place and any time. Web-based online exam permits multiple users to share and modify exam content at the same time.

Examine can choose their preferred time schedule. Web based online exam is very suitable for institutes, corporate sector, companies, universities because students performance records can be well-maintained by this system. Individual analysis can be done easily. The user will get an accurate and instant result after completion of the test.

2. Mobile/Tablet based online exam application

It is easy to take an exam on Mobile/Tablet with the help of the online exam application. This exam application is synchronized with the web portal.

The exam application is more compatible with devices like iPhone, Android, Tablets. The registered examine can give the exam from their mobile/tablet devices at any time.

The students will get an immediate result on their screen after completion of the exam. The user can share scores in social media, download videos and documents and refer to friends. The user can receive upcoming exams to start online exam

3. Center based online exam

If you want to conduct online exam at own center, they can manage entire exam center coordination and execution of the exam process with the help of online exam software.

The students can register online by filling the online form. Then all the applications are verified and hall ticket is generated. The final exam would start after completion of the demo exam.

The whole exam center is covered with CCTV recording. The paper solution is provided in the software system after completion of an online examination, examine can solve difficulties/queries by the provided paper solution. Online exam software provides instant scorecard with average, minimum, maximum score analysis.

4. Online portal based test series exam

Online exam portals are about limiting traffic to the right groups of users and providing services. Only portal members can see content and personal login is required.

With online exam portal, one can create an online exam by uploading documents in few minutes without any problem. The exam can be organized into the test series. Online test series can be conducted based on chapters, topics or difficulty level.

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The online tests are auto checked and results are provided to the students instantly. The portal even works during a slow internet connection which makes it more accessible in remote areas where the network is an issue.

The exam portal provides detailed section and topic wise analysis of student performance. This method is simple, hassle-free and time-saving.

5. Proctoring based online exam

In proctoring a based online exam, the software system monitors the student during the exam with the help of a webcam and access to the screen of the student.

To take an online proctored test from any location, the student needs a suitable device like PC, laptop with internet connection, a functional webcam. In a live proctored test, a proctor monitors audio-video and screen share feeds of the student in real-time.

In the recorded proctoring method, the audio-video and screen share feeds of the students are recorded during the exam. In the advanced automated proctoring method, besides recording, the system also monitors the feeds for any suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics.