Exams are a crucial aspect to arbiter the knowledge efficiency for students as well as it assists student’s educational improvement.

Online examination portal quite different from the pen- paper exam.

In the online examination, one of the best factors is the offered portability.

Students are now well versed with smart gadgets like a laptop, a smartphone so the online exam is like boon of the exam.

Exam Platform For Schools

Online exam portal available for various educational institutes like schools/colleges.

Online exam portal supports to arrange a perfect exam system for student’s scholarly exercises, as it saves the time and money for schools/ colleges’ supervisors.

Online exam portal helps the coaching institutes in organizing all their academic activities for students save time for teachers, keep parents informed and much more from a single portal for coaching classes.

The main benefit of online exam platform is the detailed analysis of exam and also one can create an unlimited online exam series.

This online exam available in multiple languages and also support for all types of images, documents, and equations.