With evolving times, the process of question paper creation has also changed. New and modern techniques have replaced the conventional ones. The advent of question paper generation software has put an end to the monotonous and time-consuming manual process. A question paper generator is a software that generates question papers on various topics in just a few minutes. This software can generate question papers as efficiently as any other person and that too with consuming less time and resources. The increasing number of schools, colleges, universities and other organizations are opting for this method. Online paper generators can handle all types of question structures, including MCQs, diagrams, graphs, true or false, descriptive questions, etc.

Over the years, a lot of students have suffered because of typos in the question papers, questions being set that are out of syllabus, even leakage of question papers and many other reasons. Using a question paper generator software will help in error-free paper creation and establish a fair examination system.

Here are ways in which the question paper generation software can be helpful for improving the examination system –

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Free From Personal Bias:

Many times it happens so that a particular question is repeated several times over the years because of personal inclination of the paper-setter towards the particular subject or vice-versa. Question paper generation software being a machine-based method, is free from personal bias and randomly selects questions for paper creation. This prevents the questions from being repeated and covers every aspect of the subject matter.

Eliminates Leaking Of Question Papers:

The manual process of preparing and distributing question papers often leads to their leakage before the examinations. With online paper generators, the question papers are prepared by the software and delivered online eliminating any third-party intervention. The recipient can access the question papers using a password, on a particular date and for a specific span of time.

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Facilitates Remote Control:

The subject matter experts, moderators, Controller of examination or any other administrative personal can remotely function in the process of paper creation. They can conduct their respective roles virtually by simply logging into the system securely. The administrators can monitor the entire process remotely and keep a track of the activities using the question paper generation software.

Error-Free Paper Creation:

Using a question paper generation software enables to create question papers that are free from typing errors. It also prevents from including questions that are out of the syllabus or out of context. Manual paper creation is prone to human-errors and thus is a great cause of concern for the examination system.

Saves Resources:

Costs related to logistics, printing, remuneration to staff, etc can be reduced to a great extent with the use of question paper generation software. A lot of time and effort is also put into setting a paper for examinations. Instead, the teachers/lecturers can invest this time in educating the students more and help them. The time and money saved can be used in improving the examination system for the benefit of both educational institutions and the students.