Online Examination is the fastest growing way of taking and managing exams in the most convenient possible way for both examiners and people appearing for exam as well. There are few reasons that make online exams the fastest acceptable not only for private institutes and coaching but also for government exams as well. These type of exams are mostly accepted because they make whole examination process well organized and optimized. Still, there are people who know of such technologies but are not comfortable accepting this kind of examination process. Maybe because they do not know the ease with which they can generate papers and conduct exams. The best quality of an online examination platform can is the easy way of generating test papers. Today there are many online examination platforms available in the market which provide automatic paper generation techniques as well.

Apart from that, special paper generator software is also available in market in a free and paid version both. Let’s see what are this software, how these kinds of software work, their benefits, and how actually they help an examiner by saving time in generating paper.

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Test Paper Generator Software is the one that is used to generate test paper online automatically. This software provides the feature of generating papers for any exam may it be secondary, Higher-secondary, college-level or for any competitive exams. This kind of software decreases the work of the examiner. Paper is generated through the intelligent algorithms of the software.


Test Paper Generator Software works with a very smooth process. In this process, an examiner has to choose questions, then place those questions in the specified area given into the software. By doing so, the software itself would generate a sequence of questions in a specified format. The best part of this software is that it generates paper in any specified format selected by the examiner. The format of the question paper can be chosen by the examiner. Ones the format is chosen then only questions are to be provided to the software, no further any kind of formatting is required. This saves time of examiner which otherwise would have been invested into formatting the paper. This feature of this kind of software makes it more accessible, easy to use, and widely accepted by the institutes and coaching centers.

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There are lot many benefits of using Test Paper Generator Software. Few of them are listed as follows:

  1. Biggest and for the most reason it automatizes the process of paper generation.
  2. It is time-efficient that is it saves a lot of time of examiner by generating paper using algorithms.
  3. It is mistake proof. There are very fewer chances of mistakes as the paper is generated in computer, so there are no chances of human error.
  4. Patterns may keep on varying depending on the pattern set and selected for the generation of paper. In human beings, it might happen that a particular person conducting an exam has a particular pattern of the setting paper and that might be less effective for students as well.
  5. There is no use of pen and paper in this paper generation process and hence this process is Eco-friendly too.
  6. Fewer efforts and with benefits of more accuracy.
  7. No need for any human resource as the whole process of paper generation is automatized.
  8. A better choice for a small coaching center or tuition to invest in such software as the outcome is more accurate then investing in any human resource.
  9. This software can be used for outsourcing the paper generation work for another institute as well if they don’t want to invest in premium version of such kind of software.

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Let’s now segregate the whole process of small- small points in their ascending sequence which will make the process more understandable and would give a clear road map of how the software works in the favor of the people conducting the exams.

  1. An examiner needs to register themselves on the software for generating test papers.
  2. One’s examiner is registered, he/she has to log themselves into the website or software of paper generation.
  3. Then one’s login process is successful, they can choose the format of paper that is by deciding the number of questions that are kept to be kept into the whole paper.
  4. If the login process fails, this kind of software provides the forget password method that is used to recover or reset your password with the help of your mail ID.
  5. Then the initial form is to be filled by the examiner that includes details like type of paper, paper style, name of the question paper, name, of course, the language of the exam paper, exam date, subject name and so on..
  6. Ones all these details are filled by the examiner, on pressing the next key, they are landed on a page which is made for specifying the time limit. There they have to set the exam starting time and exam ending time with all the necessary instructions for people appearing for exam.
  7. And now almost all the settings are done and the examiner is good to go.
  8. Now one they have to keep on adding questions one after the other until their specified limit.

Thus above is the process of how the whole paper is generated with the help of a test paper generator software.

Last word

This saves the enormous time of a paper setter as they need not decide the format of the paper. No external and different formatting on every page is required for the instruction and questions as well.

Also, timing is another option that is not possible to be added in the offline paper mode. The time clock is automatically maintained by the software and ones the specified period of time gets over, paper shuts off on its own.

Thus these are the specific features provided by the test paper generator software.