Looking from the candidate’s point of view, in this pandemic period, it becomes impossible for a candidate to travel a distance and attend an offline mode of the lecture sitting in a classroom consisting of 25 more people.

Hence, if a system is introduced where the candidate can attend the lectures anywhere he wants, with the pre-requisite materials like a laptop or a mobile device with an active internet connection, it might increase the efficiency as well as the performance of the candidate as now he would be able to attend the lectures without any tension of traveling and sitting with a group of people, concerning to hygiene and safety.

Similar is the case with the conduction of examination in an institution. The offline mode of examination is quite risky in this scenario, as well as can also affect the performance of the candidate as there would be a bunch of candidates sitting in an examination hall, appearing for the same examination.

For the institutes to organize an examination, the process to conduct it is what is tedious. One has to not only note down the series of questions and the relevant answer keys but also undergo a process of preparing the question banks, different sets of same question papers, assessment, providing results in a given deadline, generate analysis reports, etc.

Hence, there is a need for an automated system that decreases the efforts to be made for this whole process. This is where the concept of online exam software comes into the picture.

Hence, be it a candidate or the examiner, the online examination software has become a boon for them in these scenarios of crisis.

It has proven to be the most convenient method for the candidates to prove their skills, along with the organizing institutes to conduct them. Not only in educational institutions but also in the government sector for conducting competitive exams, bank entrance exams, entrance exams for undergraduates like IIT, NEET, JEE, etc., GATE examination, appraisals, surveys, etc. have adopted this online examination software to conduct the assessment of the candidates.

Due to the well-organized question format, the candidates are now left with no confusion about the section allotted to each question, marks weightage for each section as well as the individual question, etc., and hence can spare that amount of time in responding to the questions available on the screen. Also, the candidate need not wait for months or at least a fortnight to view the assessment results. The results are generated instantaneously.

Conduct Exam, which is renowned software for conducting online examinations, whether online or offline, has proven to be one of the most efficient and the best software based on the performance, to conduct the examinations in an online as well as offline mode (automated mode).

As mentioned, it can be used as a web application as well as the desktop application too, working in both- online as well as offline mode. A candidate, when submits the responses to the software, can get the assessment results as well as the performance analysis reports in no time.

The software has covered almost all areas where there is an assessment required like, surveys, competitive exams in government and banks, institutions like schools, colleges, etc.

A candidate can log in to the web-based application of the software anywhere he wants to appear the examination from, on the predefined date and time and a list of questions can be displayed on its screen to attempt.

Here, the administrator role is given to the examiner who can set the question paper, enter the answer keys, get the analysis report for passing versus failing candidates, etc.

There are several features of Conduct Exam Software, which can be said as the software’s unique selling point. These are as follows:

-​ ​Candidate login, submission, and storage of responses pairing with the answer keys, displaying results and analysis reports, etc. can be managed in the real-time scenario.

  • Authentication for candidates as well as admin is provided separately so that the data is not leaked.
  • ​ ​Instantaneous results are provided.
  • Features for sending the notifications to the candidate via SMS or email, regarding the announcement of results, one-time password, etc. are also included in the software.
  • Candidates can also make a purchase of the sample test booklets for their practice purpose from the software itself.
  •  ​Even if the examination has not concluded, the real-time data can be viewed by the admin like the responses being placed by the candidate, time is taken by the candidate to respond to a question, etc.

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Why Online Education?

Online education has been in trend since the schools, colleges and similar coaching centers are shut due to the global pandemic. Not for the pandemic only, online education has become beneficial to the students in many ways, due to which it had been successfully carried out, not in a full-fledge, before the pandemic scenario.

Some of the reasons why a student should opt for or continue with online education are:

  •  ​The students are not bound between the four walls of the classroom and can attend the lectures from any geographic location, with a mobile device and an active internet connection in it.
  • This is of great benefit for the aspirants who are working a 9 to 5 job and yet want to study further.
  • Due to the possibility of one interaction between the student and the professor or the instructor, the students’ engagement ratio for the online lectures is increasing day by day.
  • ​Also, if there are doubts and queries, the students can easily ping the instructor and solve them. Similarly, the instructors can also ask for genuine and real-time feedback from the students studying online.
  • A cheaper option as compared to the big digits to be paid to an institution running offline.
  • Online education has reduced the cost of the students’ education to a great extent. The student living in the other city in which the college is located now has no worries to pay hostel fees, transportation as well as remunerations for food too.
  • Hence, online education becomes quite cheaper than offline mode.
  • ​As mentioned above, the cost of education is quite less and hence the students who are lagging financially now became worry-free as they don’t need to apply for education loans and pay the debt with heavy interest rates.
  • If the lectures are pre-recorded, the students can have a relaxation on the timings to view it. Hence, one can be free from the fixed time table slots to attend the lectures.
  • Most of the courses taught online are certified and also taught by renowned instructors. Hence, if you provide the certificate for a particular course in an interview, you can end up building a good rapport in front of the hiring manager.

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Top 10 Advantages of Online Education

  • ​ ​No time and place boundaries:
  • As mentioned above, the student can learn new things from any geographic location and the time zone he wants, provided he has a mobile device or a computer with an active internet connection.
  • More attentiveness from the students:
  • Generally, it happens that the student becomes drowsy after the 10 minutes of the commencement of the lecture. This case is inverted in online education. Students are more attentive as well as interactive too.
  • ​Removes stage fear:

It may happen that the student is not comfortable speaking up in public in case of a physical classroom due to the presence of other students keeping an eye on him. In online lectures, the student does not need to worry about the eyes staring at him while he asks his query to the teacher.

​More preparation time for the teachers:

  1.  The teachers taking online classes also have the benefit of getting more time to prepare.
  2.  For the topic before recording the lecture as there is no time-bound for him too.
  3.  ​Focus on content delivered.
  4.  As discussed above, online education removes the stage fear of the student, similarly, the student, as well as the faculty, does not need to worry about their position of sitting while taking or attending the lecture, their body gestures, etc. All they need is to focus on the content delivered.
  5.  ​Group projects are now easily incorporated.
  6.  In the conventional method, a group project means to meet the other mates at a place for a limited time and complete the task. This is not a problem now as the students can easily communicate with each other through chat applications.
  7. Reduced Cost.
  8. The cost of transportation, food, accommodation, etc. can be reduced to a large extent.
  9. As mentioned above.
  10. ​Availability of the teacher.
  11. If you are facing any difficulty in a topic, you can simply message your teacher, who will give you an instant response once he receives the query. Hence the availability of the teacher has increased in online education.
  12. ​Get certified from your comfort zone.

14.Most of the professional courses with certifications are offered online, which the student can acquire and get certified sitting in his comfort zone.

15.​ ​No strict rules to obey.

16.Simply attend the lectures and complete the assignment is all you need to do. No hustle of getting dresses properly in a uniform manner, timely attendance, etc. are to be worried about.


In this blog, we came across the introduction to online education, its benefits, and why one should opt for it. We also had a glimpse of Conduct Exam, an online examination software, and its usefulness for candidates appearing. I hope this helps.