Online Objective Test

Online examination system has purposeful objectives to conduct exam easily. Objectives of online exam system enable to the user with its functionality of user-friendly dashboard, multiple languages support multiple question types of question formats, one exam solution in various devices, detailed analysis of examinee’ result and performance, we will see which are the objectives of the online examination system.

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User-friendly UI

To utilize the online examination system, it is very essential to understand the whole working of this system. Exam software is not only the solution to conduct exam, but also it has provided the facility to the user for creating and using the exam software.

Create user-friendly UI for the dashboard which helps to understand the functionality of the examination software. Make an examination system as an end-user.

Multiple language support

On average, we create the website in English as a default level, but if anyone wants to increase productivity, surely include multiple language support in examination software.

Multiple types of question

Online exam software has the essential objective to create multiple questions in the question paper. Multiple question formats are necessary to conduct exams so the exam software provider must include various types of question formats like multiple choices, multiple choices with multiple answers, fill in the blanks, true & false, essay, matrix match.

Create An Aptitude Test By Online Exam Software

Multiple exam solutions

Try to provide multiple services in one exam system. Generally, the examiner has not used only one specific system to give the exam sometimes, they enable to use pc/laptop and mobile/tablets so create an exam system which available in different devices.

As a software system provider, create web-based online exam software which considers internet connectivity (LAN based exam software), computer-based offline exam software, online exam application.

Exam performance analysis

Exam’s result is very important to judge the overall performance of skill and ability to learn about the respective subject. In result report, provide better functionality like a graphical representation of scores in exams, score comparison analysis between the examinee and many more.

Suggest any other objectives of online examination system for a better understanding of open source online exam software.