Open source exam software’s source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder allows users the rights to modify, and distribute the software to anyone and for exam purpose.

Open-source exam software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. An open source software to create & manage online exams, quizzes for schools/colleges and educational institutes. Let’s see the feature overview of open source online exam software.

Online Exam Software Open Source

Manage users/students

Create unlimited exam for numbers of students, a user can sign in the open source examination software. User id and passwords are given by exam admin. Using these login access, the user can view all the reports of scores, compare marks with the competitor, work progress also see the right answers to the questions.

Create 7 types of question

1 to 6 types is an objective type question and type 7 consider subjective (essay answers) type question.

  • 1)single choice
  • 2) multiple choice
  • 3) true false
  • 4) fill in the blanks
  • 5) match the following
  • 6) matrix match
  • 7) descriptive question

Question bank

Create and save many of questions in question bank and assign question into section-wise and topic-wise, add or edit questions in the web-based exam or import questions from word file to pdf file in the offline exam system.


Create quizzes and question series. This software provides various settings like exam start and ends time, maximum question attempts, hide answers during exam and view after exam, user-friendly system. Using this software, coaching and training institutes create and sell question series.

Immediate result report

Result report display immediately after submitting the answers to the user can analyze their answers of questions quickly. Graphical representation based on examiner performance.

Capture photo during exams

This features of the examination system enable the user from cheating. The system captures a photo during the specific time interval which is fixed by admin.

Alerts and notification

This exam software alerts students for upcoming exam schedules. The user can download the available study materials.


This open source exam software is compatible with Chrome 8+, Firefox 3.0+, Opera 10+, internet explorer 8+.