Web Tools For Online Exam

A web tool consists of one or more tools that use input data entered in a client application, process it, and return output in the form of questions, quiz, mock test, reports, results or files.

These tools can be shared to a portal. Web tools permit you to share your analysis on the portal. Data is stored and processing occurs on a server that is integrated with the portal, which makes it possible for a number of client applications even at the same time.

We can add content to the website with minimal technical knowledge. Web tools provide access to creating and modifying content across the websites.

Administrative and logistical functions are fulfilled. We can hold a record and archive of web content including text, images, video, and audio. Web tools also provide education-related resources and support.

Online exam software, question paper generator, mock test software are some useful web tools for online exam. Now, let`s see one by one.

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Online exam software

To conduct online exam software, an exam administrator requires web-based online exam software like ConductExam. This software can be run using the web from any place and any time.

The administrator of an online examination system can create an online exam at any point of time. This software permits multiple users to share and modify exam content at the same time.

Students can choose the desired time slot. The users can give online exam any place and any time where they have the necessary equipment.

Benefits of Online exam software

  • Create high-quality exams as per requirement
  • Full freedom to create exam at any point of time
  • Questions can be shared with all users of the system
  • Question wise solution and explanation
  • Download the available documents and videos
  • Save time on traveling to test centers
  • Opportunity to improve performance at home
  • Personalized emails, SMS and notifications
  • Secure and private, Computational analysis
  • Result graded automatically

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Question paper generator

The most important task of the whole exam process is to create an effective question paper.

It is very easy to create question paper with the help of question paper generator software like ConductExam. It generates questions in a few minutes.

The software allows adding the complexity of question-level using a multitude question like single choice, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, matcha with b, true-false, matrix match, descriptive questions.

The software allows exporting question paper to PDF format after question paper generated.

Benefits of Question paper generator

  • Multiple types of question papers
  • Language-wise question papers
  • Type-wise multiple copies A, B…
  • Shuffle functionality of question and option
  • Sequence wise question paper

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  • Question/module wise marks
  • Set difficulty as per your need
  • Saves time and money
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Mock test software

The mock test software is more beneficial for the coaching institutes providing training for competitive exams like IIT, JEE, NEET, GATE, CAT, MAT.

We can upload questions, Images, options and answer explanation for each mock test through XLS or word document in a few minutes. Mock test tool provides strong practice with adequate questions.

Students can feel the real experience of attempting the actual exam.

Benefits of Online Mock Test Software

You can easily conduct mock exam using the online mock exam system.

  • A large variety of question formats
  • Allow single/multiple attempts
  • Seamless practice on mobile app
  • The instant result after completion of the test
  • Comparison scores with top performers
  • Result analysis of all attempted tests
  • Timed and untimed tests
  • Practice unlimited tests
  • Graphical reporting,
  • No need for internet

These are the best three web tools for the online exam, to create the quiz and mock test which is really helpful to schools/colleges and other educational centres and also manage online mock test system using mock software.