Conduct Exam offers advanced web-based online exam software that is secure and easy to use. Also, we customize the software as per the client’s requirements and the resources and services that you need.

With technological advancements, online examination software is becoming a popular tool in the world of education to conduct exams online.

The online exams are interactive, customizable, trustworthy, secure, and can be accessed on multiple devices online.

This software has signified itself as a boon for the students and teachers as it simplifies the entire examination process.

Advantages Of Online Exam Software

Admin Panel: The biggest advantages for the teachers and administrator is the reduction in the work process and time-saving.

The administrator can create any number of tests, a question bank, can assign the date and time for the test, and take the test online.

Also, the admin can generate revenue by selling their test and question banks online. Registered users/students can give the test, the report is generated and also sent to the users/students once the test is completed. Also, a large number of students can give the same exams over a widespread location.

The admin can also send emails, notifications, and share news, documents, and videos on the Web, Mobile, and Tablet to the registered users.

Student Panel: The best benefit for the students is that they can give tests from anywhere in the world at given test time.

The student has to log in and give the test at a given time. The result is generated automatically.

The students can compare the results with other students and can improve upon their performances by analyzing the time taken for solving questions and compare the same with the scores of toppers.

The probability of error in the evaluation as well as in results is minimized.

These are some of the advantages of online exam software.