Importance Of Online Examination System For Institutes

Institutes, on hearing, the very own term means a firm or an association created to fulfill specific research on the educational filed and providing knowledge regarding high-level training to the students from their home for the better future and bright development of the society and country. Through this, we can know that institutes are the foundation that is set up to become the main pillars of the education system, society, and the whole country. These institutes are made up of the people who are the main backbones, Moreover, the panel of such an intelligent public who forms the rules and accordingly runs the institute.

They are the people who are constantly passionate about educating people and make a remarkable and positive difference in the lives of students. Through it, we can judge that institutes play an important role in making the future of children and careers of young people for a better life and also making a responsible citizen in society.

So one can say that education plays an important part in one’s life. The development of education and the opportunity for education depends on terms of knowledge and wisdom achieved through the experience of learning and imparting education by these institutes. They are the ones who motivate and guide to learn particular things or behave in particular ways.

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How Online Examination helps Educational Institutes?

There are numbers of institutes in India about more than hundreds which conducts more than two thousand six hundred courses and a bigger number of registrations with them. Institutes at an early age had a limited medium of sources available for them. But because of growth in the digital world and technology the education system and institutes have also been progressive in every manner. And as we know through internet world has come closer so these institutes have also grown through the period of time and due to the tremendous growth in technology the team members of the institutes started making changes and progress in terms of the policy, working, implementation of rules and scenario.

As due to digital world institutes have coped up with many problems which they faced earlier as in terms of fees, admission process, academic courses, review of work in every sector, approaching parents, forming of the result, etc.

As earlier fees were collected as much process was to be done in registers but now a day it is done through net banking also, so it has become easier. Even teachers are in contact with parents of students and parents get updates on the work and progress of their children from teachers and associations.

The institutes hereby are advanced and make due efforts in every way to move forward the education system so that there can be no loss of knowledge and learning of the students in running academic year. They keep in touch with the students, share the syllabus to the students, make all learning material available to them and even guide students if they face any problems meanwhile and conduct classes online which can make on through syllabus and makes students understand the syllabus?

In this new manner of studies. After that, they solve their queries and move on for the preparation of the test from home to be conducted regarding what they studied and this test is conducted by different institutes at different periods of time or at regular intervals of period. After that, they can be prepared for their exams, as in today’s generation exams are also conducted online to fulfill their desired goals inconveniently way. But good to know that this system is vastly used for a long period of time, but this system was common and limited to metro cities. But it is also common in small cities in recent times.

Outline Of Effect Of Pandemic On Education System

Due to many reasons as such, this system seems to have hope in today’s scenario of the education system. As such we know about the present condition of spreading coronavirus on which the World Health Organization has declared it as a pandemic, because of which a sense of fear and panic situation is created all around the world. So due to the spread of this virus overall prime minister has taken steps and precautionary measures to control the spread of this virus and thus it includes the closing down of educational institutes, hostels, postponing entrance exams, ceremonies, social gatherings and much more. Even workshops, conferences, seminars, functions, gatherings, etc are avoided in this period.

So due to this situation, educational institutes are moving their focus and operations to online studies and learning. There are many top educational institutes in India like Indian Institute of Delhi (IIT-D), Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University (DU), and many more institutes have stopped their offline operations and have started conducting their online teaching-learning methodology for the school as well as for college students by which they don’t miss their academic due to this pandemic situation.

As it is said Education is power for society. In any means, if education is provided society will ultimately grow. All the faculties of colleges and teachers of schools are working hard to make available their material and syllabus stuff to the students by which they even not miss single lectures.

Conduction of online classes with their students, they teach them, guide them, solve their queries and students also co-operate with them by submitting their work and projects, attending their classes regularly and parents also manage to co-operate with the teachers. Teachers conduct classes and take reports of the students and conduct test from home on a regular basis. So due to the advanced technology, education online is conducted easily.

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Universities advise students to follow their official website to gather information, admission, few updates, exam updates, etc. The crew designs the question paper setting for the exams. And then they release the schedule regarding it on their website. And as per the date regarding exams are issued, the students start preparing for it and appear for the exams or tests. The universities do tell the teachers to take the mock tests from home before conducting exams so that the students get well organized and aware to understand the format of the exams. For this, the board gives training to the teachers to make understand the mission, vision and working for the education system in this condition in a better way.

Final Words

From the above information, we can say that by conducting online classes, test from home and exams has become much easier as it has many advantages as per current situation hygiene is maintained at homes for students and teachers too.

Even the journey is not safe currently so it is also avoided in this system of education. Safety measures can also be generated and carried at home and protection can also be managed as the students are at home thus gathering is avoided in this situation, so safe learning. And students can be punctual at home also about their studies. But at some times hindrances in studies too as there may low internet availability due to which students can miss their class, learning and sometimes it happens that they can even miss out on their entrance in tests and exams due to poor internet connection.