Digitizing every product and service has become a need and not just the demand keeping in mind the current situation and COVID crisis. People are searching for everything online just to avoid getting out on the roads may it be grocery, any household product, and education is not an exception. People are learning new skills, finding new ways to get work done sitting at home.

Everyone is signing up for new courses from the institutes all over to the world to meet the demands of this uncertain situation. Even most companies and institutes are working on their online presence, as everyone knows that would help them reach thousands of people out there who are in search of quality education and new practical skill.

Now as we know the need and demand let us know some more logical points that will help you get a better idea over the actual scenario.

Let us see the needs of getting institutes online and if they don’t pay much attention to building their online asset, what they are losing upon.

Why it is necessary to get institutes online?

According to the confession of the Chief operating officer, the online learning app Byju has experienced a 200% increase in new students using their courses after the corona crisis. This company is among many that are in the same niche and are working for providing quality education. People are now forced to accept things present online. Earlier students and their parents used to fear online education and now it has become part of one of the daily needs in everyone’s life.

Thus as data evaluates, it is clear that many it be any small institute or a coaching center, it is a big necessity for them to get their services online to reach more students and serve them with their experience in the field.

Benefits of online presence

First and for the most reason for getting online for any institute is to reach more students. As guided government guidelines, every countryman is forced to follow social distancing, and people are locked into their houses. This all makes learning and getting mentor-ship in physical just next to impossible. Thus people are now searching the same services online from the comfort of their home.

Apart from that, this is not the kind of disease that is present today and would disappear tomorrow it will probably take years to get to its a normal condition. Thus sooner people and service providers start accepting the change more they would be ahead in the race.

Thus getting things done online is not just a need, it’s a necessity of the time. Problems faced by the institute which have no online presence.

Institutes are habituated of making things done offline may it be the registration process, fees submission, examination, and simply everything. Also till now, people used to fear much from online transactions, cybersecurity, privacy policies, and much more. The fact is getting things done online is not that big deal, as much as people around were exaggerating. Everyone slowly started getting comfortable with online education and many other services.

As earlier there was no such hardcore need of maintaining online systems, whereas now it has become a necessity. Due to this reason the institute never had paid much attention to hiring staff that is good at managing institutes online. This makes it difficult for them to create an online presence.

Also, the staff working in institutes are somewhere or the other not into the online things as there was no such need. So for institutes apart from creating an online system, it is also a difficult task at hand to make their faculties and students more comfortable with using online systems and teaching them through the same.

Now comes the real question, that what is the fastest way to get your whole institution system online within the shortest period of time.

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How to get an institute online?

The simplest answer to this is to use existing systems, like conference calling app for teaching, online examination software, create online courses on different platforms and help their student to get access to all kinds of material, etc.

How to use Online Examination Software?

Institutes are making their students learn through some online courses or sometimes connecting students and faculties through video conferencing apps that are available for free use.

When it comes to taking exams online, it has become very easy due to software that helps you take exams in the most simple, easy, and effective way. Online exam software gives you the following mentioned features that make it more manageable and easy to use.

  1. Advanced Time Management facility
  2. Organizational and User Management is done by the platform.
  3. Date and Time Restriction Setting
  4. It has Flexible Response Collection Strategies.
  5. E-mail Invitations provided.
  6. Collaboration, Roles, and Permission Management system of the platform.
  7. Easy to Use, Powerful, Online Exam Designer
  8. Provides access to Rich Text and Images.
  9. Random Ordering of Pages, Questioned and Choices can be managed by examiner
  10. Multiple Languages provided.
  11. Several Question Types options given.
  12. It handles, asses, and collects data on its own without any prior supervision.
  13. Navigation during the Exam performed automatically.

These were a few of the features of online examination software that play an important role in deciding the pattern of the exam.

Thus if an institute wants to get their whole system on the internet in a very short time they can take below mentioned few steps.

– For teaching purposes, keep students acknowledged by new courses related to their academics.

– Keep on suggesting students paid and free courses from different platforms like BIJU’s.

– Help them by connecting through video conferencing apps like Zoom, Go to a webinar, etc..

– For examination purposes directly use online examination software by customizing exams according to the need for the test.

– For more protection during exams, you can also heir Remote Proctor.

So these where few suggestions that would help any kind of institute get their system online and help their students in their academics in the most effective way during this pandemic.