As everyone knows whole world is going through a pandemic. Businesses are forces to work from home, students are not allowed to go for schools and colleges. Now in such crisis it is necessary to work from home. People from all over the world has started accepting the concept of work from home. Students are made to study from home through online coaching and also are forced to complete their courses or semesters through the mode of online examinations.

As coin always have two sides, online exams similarly have both, pros and cons of it. Pros or positive sides of online exams are many, like it reduces time of commuting to exam center and hence ends up providing more time to students for preparations, also it is more compatible from examiners point of view. It decreases main tasks of examiner like easy creation of question paper and distribution among students, getting marks as exams are inform of multiple choice questions and that decreasing paper checking duty of examiner.

But these online exams also have their dark side too. Examiner need to monitor students virtually or else leave it up-to students’ honesty. Now here comes the role of Remote Proctor.

As their is no alternative to remote examinations system from students side. Thus it is necessary for examiner to work on task of monitoring exams virtually. This is the thing brings a remote proctor into the picture. Being a remote proctor or need of remote proctor was not so intense as it is today due to remote examination. Now let us first understand who is remote proctor and then we will move on to need, demand and skills of a remote proctor.

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Proctor in British English actually means an officer (usually one of two) at certain universities, appointed annually and having mainly disciplinary functions. So briefly a person who performs these activities remotely is termed as Remote Proctor.

Remote Proctoring is used for past 20 years now but due to demands of the current situation it has got itself into the list of main job streams. The most common way of taking exam is through MCQs that is multiple choice question. This is the mode that is the most preferred one as compared to any other format of taking exams. So during this exam students are monitored using video generally and that recordings are then checked by the higher authorities for verification.


When exams are taken in offline mode their is a supervisor in the exam who monitors students in the examination hall. But now as all exams are in online mode their is need of virtual supervisor who can perform the same task are that of the supervisor in offline mode exams.

This is when remote proctor concept plays it’s role. The remote proctor keeps the watch over all the students appearing for a particular exam. Thus they helps institutes or individual faculties by supervising online exams by avoiding any chance of cheating from students’ side.

Thus in brief Remote Proctoring is the process of people are monitored on virtual bases that is from remote places and hence remote proctor is also known as Virtual Proctor. That simply means the monitoring or supervising of whole process on virtual basis.

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As discussed earlier remote proctor would keep a watch or supervise the exam and helps examiner to manage the exam in it’s most efficient way. This was in case of an institute or an individual faculty. In the case of companies and in higher authority exams also remote proctor helps by providing services like that of authentication and security. These people make sure that particular person joining for the meeting or for any particular exam is authorized by the company or institute and hence by this ensures the security of the process.


Having a remote proctor managing or supervising an exam is a must. Their are many reasons to it. We will discuss each briefly by understanding their deepest meaning and need.

First and for most reason for having a proctor for online exams is to make sure that the student do not try any kind of cheating by the means of asking answers to someone, by using textbooks or may be direct searching for answer online.

One other advantage of remote proctoring is that it is location independent. Thus if you are one who want to take this as an opportunity, this might be a good option in this pandemic. This model got it’s boom with that in online tutoring and examining needs and hence the advantage of this model providing relief from location constraint.

One disadvantage of this model could be that hiring a remote proctor is quite expensive as compared to physical proctor as it requires good hands on skills with video playing, recording and screen sharing feeds.

Ones whole meeting or exam recorded it is checked by higher authorities by playing video at higher speed and ensuring that no kind of cheating was done during the whole process. Thus this can be considered under disadvantage that at the end of the process human monitoring in needed to check the video recorded.

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Factors that has increased the need of Remote Proctoring and how you can take it as an opportunity too

Their are many factors in this pandemic that has played a vital role in making remote proctoring a main stream job. Few of them are:

  1. Increase in adaptation of e-learning.
  2. Compulsory need of taking exam online.
  3. Very less or few people are comfortable using these online mode as these platforms where not in demand before pandemic.
  4. Less people, higher demand.
  5. Easy learnable skills, hence easy to start.
  6. Necessity of supervising exams.

So above mentioned topics are some of the reason that might give your more insight to the fact that remote proctoring is in it’s boom and hence would further increase one more job option to go with.

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Their are few sites online from where you can get whole course for any particular platform and might help you get better at it ones you learn all the feature of that platform.

Hope this article was useful enough.