Course On Computer Concepts(CCC)

  • introduction of CCC online Test

By CCC online test the common people’s knowledge on a computer is measured. This is a modern course by which the common fellow of India could get computer literacy.

This exam is used by employers to test the ability of Information technology of the candidate as computers is required in every office job today. The concept of a Computer course is essential for each and every one. People should take this certificate course to be eligible for any kind of office work.

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  • NIELIT CCC Online test Course Entitlement

Applicants are essential to register beforehand appearing in NIELIT exams. NIELIT exams are held all above India on January and July (2nd Saturday) of every year

  • Applicants seeking for NIELIT exam would have finished 12th class from a recognized board for bachelor degree course from a standard institution or university.

  • At O level exams of NIELIT, applicants could perform in any paper, in any order, if the topic has been done in the institute running the credited course plus so permitted on the application form. Direct applicants could appear in exams if they please the entitlement criteria as appropriate to them.

  • Applicants experiencing an ‘O’ level credited course by NIELIT might seem in first two units of ‘O’ level NIELIT exam afterward six months of the start of the credited course plus in the residual two modules afterward the achievement of one year of the start of the credited course.

  • This is conditional on the state that the topics have been enclosed in the credited course via the institution and so permitted in the exam application forms according to set-up therein.

  • Graduate Applicants listed for ‘O’ level course might perform in the NIELIT exam for all modules in a particular attempt.

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Advantages of the CCC Online Exam Software for Practice:

After completing the course, people will capable to make personal or business letters, view info on the internet (web), send mail, as well as use the PC for the purposes of making proficient presentations.

Housewife, Small business assemblage would be capable to maintain their accounts by using PCs. In present years people do online shopping.

To perform online shopping you need to know computers. And do several online businesses, now the knowledge of computers in a must. Without computer knowledge, one cannot perform day to day activities. Not only to get a good job, should you do the course to be up-to-date with the society.

Who can conduct the course?

The education as well as teaching for CCC online test would be connected on the institutes specifically approved through NIELIT for guiding CCC. In adding, the students could do the course at self-learning style as well as could apply as a straight applicant for performing in the CCC exam conducted by NIELIT.

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About NIELIT ( CCC Online Test Software )

NIELT is an agency that performs several computer-related courses like networking, programming. Exam online CCC is one of the computer-related courses offered by this government organization.

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology is directed by Gov. of India under the Division of IT and electronics. This is previously named as DOEACC.

The main objective of the CCC online examination

The objective of the course is to get computer knowledge in the day to day activity. The people will get all the knowledge of computer both theoretical and practical.

They will also get knowledge about the software. People will get introductory knowledge about computer networking. He or she can do simple networking for a small office.

People can study in a computer center or they can study by himself or herself. Study materials and syllabus all are available on the internet.

People have to do registration in order to attend the exam. Before the appearing exam, you will have complete the 80 hours course. Among them 25 hours is theory and 50 hours is practical. 2 Weeks thorough courses will have to be done for preparing the exam.

After completion of the course, you will be able to undertested financial technology services. The financial module will make the people understand the different activities of Government which is very much essential for the common people to understand. People can enjoy the world of information technology which is very much essential in today’s society.

This course is under the Digital Literacy program of NIELIT. By finishing the course you will be able to understand both hardware and software and how a computer works. Different terminology of the computer is also understood by the accomplished person.

There are lots of computer software. Without a software application, no office job can be done. Now a receptionist also need computer literacy.

So to be at least a receptionist one should have computer knowledge. An educated person without computer knowledge is nothing today.

CCC online course will give this simple knowledge to a person. By doing the course you just need to register. You will have to get the concept of computer which is very simple and easy for passing the exam and get the certificate

CCC Syllabus

It includes the entire of 8 chapters-Intro to a computer, Application of Presentation & Application of Digital Financial Services, Intro to GUI Founded Operating System, Features of Word Process software, Spreadsheets, Intro to Internet, WWW plus web browsers, Communication as well as Collaboration.

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After finishing the CCC/ BCC training the students should be capable to the use of PC for basic purposes of arranging his personnel or business literature, viewing info on the internet (the web), getting and sending emails, arranging his business presentations, making small databases etc.

This aids the small business crowds, housewives, etc. to maintain their small accounts by using the computers as well as enjoy the realm of Information Technology. These courses are, consequently, designed in such a means that they are additional practical in nature. All courses are usable for Government work.

Basic Computer Course (BCC) training is obligatory for all ITI students in addition to the NTC will only be delivered to the students afterward passing the BCC course. Nationwide Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), previously DOEACC, has been permitted as the assessing and certification body for this purpose.

Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) is designed toward aim at communicating basic level IT Familiarity program for the communal man.

Result of CCC online Examination 2020:

CCC Result would be released afterward 15 days from the beginning of the exam. Candidate can download the Course on PC Concept Result over online style only.

Moreover, they can check it through entering the registration number otherwise roll number in addition to date of birth. At the authorized NIELIT Student gateway, they could download the CCC online exam Result. Applicant’s CCC online exam certificate exam result is offered as Grades.


This course aids the small business groups, housewives, etc. toward maintain their small accounts using the PCs and relish in the realm of Information Technology. This course is, consequently, designed to be more hands-on oriented.

This is not a how-to course for a precise piece of software, in its place you would learn some vital ideas that you can apply toward any software otherwise computer system.

You will apply these notions to the kind of computer schemes we use every day, counting word processing applications, e-commerce, the internet plus web sites. You would learn how to apply computer science ideas to solve problems in everyday computer use and usually be a better PC user.