Nowadays, most education centers are moving towards digitization. They are trying to evaluate the knowledge with fun and online exam software is the best fit for their digital learning concept.

There are many reasons to use exam software like the easy platform to perform the exam, no condition of place and time, fast and reliable system, low cost, continuous evaluation but the ultimate approach is digitization in the current examination system.

Online Examination Software is one-stop- solution to address all the worries of preparation of any examination for any level. Open source exam software is customized solution for educational centers so it is boon to use online examination system for schools, colleges, university. why we use online examination system.

Advantages of Online Exam Software

Easy platform to conduct exam

Online examination software is a very easy platform to perform an exam not only for students but also for teachers or exam admin.

The examiner is benefited by easier evaluation and automated result generation facilities. No more troubles are created during paper checking and after the paper checking of papers the examination. Students are fully free from the fear of bad handwriting. That is why online exam has more popular among the students.

No condition of place and time

Online exam software makes us free from the restriction of place and time. No need for a presence in the exam center. Students can give the online exam at any place where they have the necessary equipment. Further, they have the flexibility of time slot.

Students from remote areas can be covered through the online exam system. It also saves the user from traveling long distances to give an exam.

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Fast and reliable system

Online exam software provides a very fast and accurate result. To prevent cheating is the most difficult task for any educational institute.

But online exam software provides more security for question paper. It creates multiple sets of the same question paper. Hence, paper leaking problem will be reduced.

It is easy to identify and track students during the exam. Also, the remote proctoring feature helps the admin to identify the students through photo capturing at the time of examination.

Low cost

For any educational institution, the arrangement of examination is very expensive but the online examination system will decrease the cost in many things like paper printing, proofreading, paper distribution, supervision, etc.

Continuous evaluation

Most of the institutes take exam one or two times in a year but now they can conduct exam quarterly or monthly exam by using the online exam software.

They can easily convert traditional question paper into the competitive pattern. More question paper practice can be given to the students with the help of online exam software.