Education institutions are now using the digital platform to provide online training to their students. Schools and universities can simply arrange online classes utilizing e-learning solutions. They can also use the online examination software to conduct tests while organizing the online classes.

There are several online teaching software and applications available on the market nowadays that help the institute in hosting online classes.

Because of the growing number of internet users, virtual classes have become quite popular. Virtual learning is very popular among professors and students. Furthermore, administrators can quickly examine their students while utilizing the examination software.

Successful assessment is an important component of successful online education. As a result, educational institutions use online examination software.

What is Post-exam analysis?

When a learner wishes to master a new skill, they must first learn all of the topics in their chosen subject. A trainer, instructor, or professor can now create a timetable in the e-learning process.

And the learner must follow the timetable, which the teacher can create for the virtual test to assess the students step by step.

Teachers can arrange a post-exam analysis while using the online examination system to measure their students’ skills in a certain subject. Throughout the test, both the teacher and the student will be able to see how well they understand the subject.

After completing a subject, topic, or course, a post-test is administered. Students obtain an understanding of how they acquire knowledge throughout the course or topics.

In short, a teacher or professor can assess a student’s ability through post-exam analysis. They can also simply assess their students to help them develop their skills.

In the past, post-exam trainers and students were required to assemble in one location and take a test. However, by implementing an online exam system, they will be able to administer an exam from anywhere. They can not only save time by not needing to travel, but they can also take a virtual test with comfort.

Admins can also create any type of objective exam paper utilizing online assessment software, such as MCQs, short questions, long questions, audiovisual question papers, and so on.

How is online examination software helpful for post-exam analysis?

When courses are scheduled online, the post-exam session is likewise scheduled online. As a result, online examination software helps the administrator in organizing an online exam.

However, there are numerous steps for conducting exams, including creating a timetable, providing a reference document, creating question papers, gathering students, reviewing the papers, and finally announcing the results. So, how will all of these procedures be managed online? – The Conduct Exam’s online examination software can now simply manage all of the procedures.

1. Planing exam schedule

When we consider educational institutes, we think of “learning skill development” programs completed by an exam. However, if students choose to enroll in online courses, they must take an online exam.

An e-learning software or application is used by the education institution to operate a virtual class. When they get to a specific stage, they must assess their students, which is why they can use assessment tools.

Before conducting a virtual test in compliance with virtual classes, they must first develop a timetable for the various tests. A timeline can be simply created while using assessment tools. As a result, assessment tools to plan exam schedules for post-exam analysis.

2. Generate question paper

Trainers must provide a question paper for assessing their students to set up a virtual test. They can use a question that is relevant to their studies.

For trainers, creating a question paper is a tedious and time-consuming task. However, they may easily design question papers utilizing virtual test software. They can even create question papers in a variety of styles. As a result, this is time-saving and hassle-free work for trainers.

3. Filter student’s data

There aren’t only one or two courses offered by educational institutions. They can organize a variety of courses, and a large number of students can enroll in each course. They also hold separate tests depending on the course.

As a result, when they schedule a test, they must create a different timetable for each student based on their chosen courses. For this, the administrator must produce a new test paper and distribute it to the students.

The administrator must shorten the students’ data before sharing the question paper. Simply because they can simply share the question papers and will not make any mistakes in sending the correct question paper to the appropriate students.

4. Easy exam processes

Schools and colleges were to arrange a post-test in the traditional ways then they had to manage a test schedule, decide a venue where the students have together for taking tests, teacher or professors have to create a question paper, and at last, they had to check the answers and announce the result of the test. All the processes are time-consuming, tedious, and cost-effective.

Here, when the student can enroll in the virtual classes then they can take a part in the virtual exam. The traditional test process and online test processes are similar, only different in their style – traditional tests arranged in the campus or classes where online tests can be arranged through operating an examination software.

Today’s examination software offers several features. Even while utilizing Conduct Exam’s exam software you can easily manage virtual exam processes.

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5. Time management

For any procedure, time management is key. When professors or teachers organize an assessment test, they must also manage the proper timetable. They may simply manage test schedules by using online test software. And, according to the recommended timeline, the teacher can share the question papers among all software.

6. Instant feedback

Teachers must provide feedback to students based on the results of the post-test. Exam software has capabilities that allow students to receive their exam results immediately after completing their test papers. As a result, students can be aware of how they improve their skills and how hard they work to sharpen them while receiving immediate feedback.

While managing all of the following aspects throughout a test procedure, online examination software might be useful in organizing a post-exam.

Benefits of using online examination software in the post-exam

There are various advantages to using online examination software, and some of the most key benefits are listed here.

Reduce administrative burden

When the exam is scheduled, the administrator is overburdened with duties. They must manage everything from the preparation of a schedule to the announcement of the exam’s results. Using a schedule, however, administrators can reduce their workload and execute post-test activities successfully.


Teachers must check question papers and current answers after completing a test. Online exam tools, on the other hand, include a feature that allows the system to automatically correct all of the answers. As a result, the auto-correction feature helps teachers and automatically generates test results after the test is completed.

Take exams from anywhere

The purpose of virtual classrooms is to allow students who live far away from institutions or colleges to easily gain knowledge. Students can take tests from anywhere, even if they are utilizing examination software.


One form of cost-effective solution is virtual tests. During a virtual examination, both the student and the examiner save money on travel, and administrators save money buying stationery. In short, when compared to traditional examination software, online tests are more cost-effective.


Examiner time is one of the most valuable advantages of assessment software. Exam takers and administrators save time by implementing advanced features of online test software such as auto-generated question papers, immediate feedback, etc.

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Educational institutions can provide a variety of online classes while improving digital learning. Through this, a lot of people can learn new skills in their fields of interest while sitting at home. As a result, institutes can use online examination software to analyze their students. Trainers and learners can complete their online courses after successfully scheduling an online test.

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