With the digitalization of the year 2022, there will be numerous opportunities in all sectors. In the educational sector, it introduces several applications or software that allow students to take online classes and exams. Furthermore, Conduct Exam provides software and applications that allow educational institutions to easily manage their entire examination process.

Online exams differ from traditional exams in this due consideration. Furthermore, students and teachers enjoy the test while it is being administered via the internet using the application and software.

Learners can learn from anywhere and at any time with the help of virtual studies. As a result of assessment tools, learning new things and improving skills have become much easier.

What is a Conduct Exam?

When schools and colleges want to approach internet services in their institute, they have several options.

Conduct exam offers online exam software that allows schools and colleges to easily organize an online test. Even the application and software used to operate the exam are simple to use and user-friendly, ensuring that both students and teachers have a satisfying experience while using the applications or software.

True, there are a variety of examination software and applications available on the market. However, the solutions to conduct exams are unique from others due to their defining features.

Furthermore, assessment tools can help not only schools and colleges but also corporate sectors during hiring procedures. Moreover, their multi-language support features enable users to create tests in their preferred languages such as Hindi, English, etc.

Educational institutes evaluate their students using the conduct exam’s web application or mobile application. Corporate sectors, on the other hand, can reduce their hiring bias and hire skilled employees.

How does a Conduct Exam enhance the examination approach?

Here are a few key features of testing software. Through which educational institutions and test-takers can enhance their virtual examination approach.

1. Proctoring

During the exam, whether it is conducted in a traditional or modern manner, students or candidates can discover how to cheat in the test. Examiners can easily detect cheating using traditional methods.

But how to prevent cheating in virtual tests? Because examiners are never able to examine exam takers due to geographical distance.

With the proctoring features of a conduct exam, you can now prevent cheating in online exams. Software for educational institutions offers live proctoring and human proctoring solutions. When students take exams, the system automatically pictures them. As a result, the software monitors the students during the tests. These features are also available if the student uses the web screen lock option.

2. Random Test

In traditional methods, students can copy their answers from each other’s papers. They can copy their answers from other students’ screens even during the online test. So, what’s the solution for that?

One of the significant characteristics of a conduct exam is the random test. Students are unable to copy their answers while optimizing these features during the test. Because this method allows students to receive the same question in different ways.

For example, if ‘A’ candidates are given the 1 number question at the start of the exam, ‘B’ candidates will be given the 2, 3, 4, and so on number equations as a first question.

3. Live Concurrent Students and Reporting

The institute can use live monitoring and reporting throughout a conduct exam software. Although administrators can perform the live concurrent student while tracing their account. Because, when scheduling the exam, they must provide current information such as their name, test name, which source to use for the exam, and the number of candidates who will attend the exam.

4. Subjective and Objective Tests

Using the examination tools, the admin can create various types of exams such as subjective tests, objective tests, MCQs, short questions, etc.

When the administrator schedules the test, the software can provide several exam options. One of them can be chosen by an academy. Admin can also provide study materials to their students by uploading them into the software.

The video materials or study documents can be provided by an administrator. These study materials assist candidates in preparing for the exam.

5. Import Questions

When schools and colleges use online assessment software, they must supply the e-question paper. However, the administrator every once in a while faced difficulties in uploading the question paper.

However, when using the Conduct Exam, the administrator can easily upload the question paper in any format, such as a word file, an excel file, and so on.

Students can easily download these documents by using the software. An administrator can restrict the learner’s ability to download documents. As a result, candidates can access the papers throughout the test schedule.

6. Supports Audio/Video Questions

Just think, you have a question paper with only text on one side and a question paper with audio and video questions on the other. Which type of examination do you prefer? – Yes, with audio and video questions!

Admin can generate the question paper with video and audio by using the conduct exam software. Question papers in a visual format gain students’ interest and help them improve their skills.

7. Export Data

When the administration needed information about the students and their progress, they faced difficulty. Furthermore, when they work offline, they require an incredible amount of time to create progress reports.

However, by using the Conduct Exam, administrators can easily obtain student progress reports in a variety of formats such as word, excel, pdf, etc. Furthermore, there is no need to go through a series of steps to export the data. They can obtain data on students’ progress with a single click. After downloading these details, the administrator can easily share them with others.

8. Answer correction & Modify results

Teachers or professors waste time in traditional exams checking answer papers and writing reports. This is necessary for both students and teachers to understand how students understand particular subjects.

Admin can easily check all the papers in less time by using the auto-correction features of the Conduct Exam. They simply add the answers all at once, and if they add an incorrect answer, they can modify the answers. Additional students receive the revised results as a result of the final corrections.

9. Allot Bonus marks

Every software has unique features, and by using the Conduct Exam software, students and teachers can receive various benefits.

Allocated bonus marks are one of the unique mark, appealing, and satisfying features included in the exam software. When the administrator makes a mistake in providing questions or discovers the incorrect question, the administrator has the option of allocating extra marks. This additional mark is referred to as the “Bonus Mark.”

10. User friendly & Easy to use platform

When a system or application is simple to use, users are more likely to be satisfied. When educational institutes can implement software, they are motivated to search out other software. They choose software that is simple to use and operate.

Conduct Exam software is not only simple to use, but it also has simple functionality, which means that anyone can handle it.

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11. Merging results for the Online test

Students participate in various exams and receive individual paper results. However, while using the Conduct Exam’s test tools, the admin can combine all of these results.

As a result, students can obtain the overall result. Additional, simple features allow administrators to easily combine students’ online test results and share this information with specific students.

12. Automatic Result & Certificate generation

Admin does not need to generate results with the help of online examination software because students receive them after completing the exam. In addition, if the students achieve the target grade, the system can generate the certificates automatically. As a result, while using the software, students can access their results and certificates.


Online examination software helps institutes in virtually conducting exams. Also, by using the software, institutes can enjoy the various benefits mentioned above, as well as live chat, payment gateway integration, uploading study materials, etc.

As a result, users can gain a variety of benefits from implementing online software. In short, conducting exams improves examination approaches.

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