The world is going through hard times and so is the education system. Thus it has become a need for every institute to adopt new reforms in their earlier systems may it be their exam patters or may it be their educating system.

To adopt new reforms it is necessary to have a complete idea of everything so that the institute can choose the best system and reform suitable to their needs. To help you out in the evaluation process here we have a little contribution from our side. We have created a complete guide for offline exam software and online exam software, that would provide you all the necessary details that you need to know to make perfect decisions. This article would give you basic differences and similarities that you must know if you are related in any way to some institute.

Let us first evaluate both the kind of exams and then would move one to similarities and differences.

What is Online Exam Software?

Online Exam Software helps the examiner to create and handle exams remotely. These kinds of exams are taken and managed by the examiner from the comfort of their home. Similarly, students appearing for exams also need not commute anywhere. What both the parties need if a phone or laptop and stable internet access throughout the exam and this would help them appear in exams from the comfort of their home. These exams were not preferred before the crisis.

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What is an Offline Exam Software?

In Offline Exam Software students are made to sit at a particular pace just like offline exams and then questions are provided to them through the local area networks. This software works like that of online exam software in many of their aspects but differs only an aspect and that is locality.

Similarities in both software

There are many similarities in both these kinds of exams. Online and Offline  Exam software both require a computer or mobile device and a stable internet connection. These both kind of exam have a specified number of permissible logins in the test during the exam. If a student exceeds the limit of logins they are disqualified from the exam and that is managed by the software itself.

These exams have specified time allocated for the test or sometimes for a particular question, after that period of time exam gets over automatically or question is skipped on its own.

Paper checking, generating a result of individual students, managing ranks of a student on specified criteria is also managed by the software and both these kinds of software have all these qualities amended in it.

Differences in both software

Paper distribution in both these exams has little difference in them. In Offline Exam Software, papers are distributed over local area networks whereas Online Exams Software uses servers to handle their exam and their data for exam and other data like information of a student.

The supervision system required in these exams has a significant difference in them. Offline Exam System heir people to keep watch on the students appearing for exam whereas Online Exam Software has two ways in which supervision is handled. The first way is to leave the supervision of up-to-the software. Software imposes restrictions on students like keeping specified time of appearing for a particular exam or question, distributing questions in a random manner, specified times a student can log in and logout of the exam, and many such other restrictions are imposed.

And the other way is to keep watch on students as similar to that in Offline Exam by hiring Remote Proctor. By Remote Proctor, an examiner can keep an eye on students appearing for exams virtually through video supervision. So supervision is among the major difference between Online Exam Software and Offline Exam Software.

Localities are not a major one but a considerable difference between these two software. While appearing for the exam through Offline Exam Software students need to remain present in a specified exam hall and appear for the exam through the computers provided by the institute whereas in Online Exam Software on can appear for exam remotely. Due to this feature of Online Exam Software, it has become the most used system during this crisis.

Another difference between these two ways of examination is the distribution of questions. In Offline Exam Software, questions are distributed over LAN that is Local Area Network whereas, in Online Exam Software, questions are distributed using a server.

Another benefit of Online Exam Software is that the questions in these exams can be served randomly to the students and that randomness of question is managed by the software itself but there are few Offline Exam Software that does not provide this kind of facility.

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Why Offline Exam Software is preferred?

There is this myth for Offline Exam Software that these types of exams personal supervision can be arranged in these types of exams and they are more secure but that’s not the complete truth. Both these kinds of exams have their advantages and disadvantages. So these much information would help you choose which system best suits your need. Also just to mention many of the government exams are also taken on Offline Exam Software.


On conclusion note, we can say that both the software have their pros and cons. Offline Exam Software is famous and more adapted in comparison to Online Exam Software till now. This totally depends on the need of the exam and the examiner which system would suit best to them. To make it simple any institute needs to study their needs and then choose it wisely. For now, there has not to remain any particular choice due to crisis people, and institutes are forced to use the Online Exams Method.