Scholarships facilitate education for eligible students, especially for those who are socially and economically challenged in the state and bring them on to the mainstream development track.

In India central and state governments, many schools and colleges provide a large number of scholarship applications every year.

This process is usually time-consuming and prone to manual errors.

The solution to this problem is to conduct online scholarship exams using online exam software.

Online assessment technology can help to automate the student selection process for scholarships.

The online exam software saves time and sends notifications using SMS alerts in a timely and transparent manner.

Online Exam software has now become the means for conducting growing numbers of scholarship exams because of the speed, flexibility, and efficiency that it offers.

The online web-based application allows students to apply for the scholarship online irrespective of their geographical locations and also provide them with the feedback services.

The system helps to carry out examination and auto-grading for students exams. It supports many kinds of questions formats like MCQ, True/False, Fill in the blanks, Subjective and many more.

Also one can upload graphics, spreadsheets, graphs, images and photos. The online exam software can be used by lecturers, instructors, teachers and others who are willing to create new exams or edit existing ones as well as students participating in the exams.

Many organizations have also started using web-based online exam software to conduct scholarship exams. Conduct Exam web-based online exam software is a renowned name in the field of online examination.

With this web-based software, a large number of concurrent users can give the test at a given time. The technology is helping educational institutions to assess students in an effective manner.

It helps to analyze the performance of the students based on various criteria like topic wise performance, average scores, median scores, scoring patterns, ranking of the individual, percentile scores can be assessed to filter out suitable candidates eligible for scholarships.