Online exams are now becoming a trend in the education sector. You can use online exam software for business also.

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As we all know that world is leading to digital in every sector. The education sector is also leading to the digital world. Until now education was only in offline mode. So its availability was in a particular range. So if any college or university wants to make itself available for a wide range then they had to make branches there.

This is very costly for universities and colleges. Because if they want to create a branch in any other city of college then they have to buy a building for it. They can also take it on lease or rent for the long term. Then they have to hire college staff members such as professors, principals, cleaning staff, peon, technical staff, etc. All this needs lots of money. Other factors such as electricity bills, water bills, etc also cost them. And this process also takes lots of time to complete a setup. In my point of view, offline education is more costly than online education.

But now when everything is leading online so education sector also turned online. So if a university or college starts online classes and taking exams then anyone can reach out to them. This can make them available globally (anytime, anywhere). Online education also saves their time and costs of making lots of branches. It helps them to make a platform where any student from all over the world can apply to their university for studies.

This helped them to expand their availability and also to reach more locations. To make it possible universities have to do something. That is they have to create their website which plays a vital role in this. The website helps them to reach more students and attract them to their universities. The second thing they have to do is to buy online exam software and online education software.

Online exam software helps them to conduct exams online. Students don’t have to present physically, they can also be present virtually. Online education software helps universities to take online classes. So students from foreign states or countries can also be available in the virtual online class.

In this way, universities or colleges can increase their source of income and also expand their brand availability. Now if we talk from another point of view of how online exam software is helpful in business?

In this digital world if you have technical and coding skills then you have the opportunity to make such types of software. ConductExam is also an online exam software that provides a platform for universities and other educational institutes to conduct online exams. As the future of online technology is bright and its demand will be high future.

So you have a better chance to make such kinds of platforms and start a business. You can make it available for everyone or only for the buyers. To make online classes software you have to make deep research on it. You need to know their requirement and needs so that you can make it the perfect software for universities, colleges, and other universities.

In this way, you can start up your business. Everything you have to do is know the digital trend and according to it, you have to develop an online class or online exam software. Charges you can keep according to students. You can also charge them as per the exam they conduct in online exam software. Charging them based on users is also a good option for you. Growing digitally is a very good option nowadays and can make your business successful.

Here are some Features of ConductExam Online Exam Software

1. Create different types of questions

Using ConductExam Online Software any educational Institute or University can conduct their exams online. They can create different types of question papers. Creating different types of question papers can avoid cheating in exams. This feature is generated to create unique paper styles and paper sets. You can create the number of sets and styles of paper you want.

2. Can share tests with a particular group

Universities and educational institutes can also share their particular test with particular groups or individuals. Sharing test papers is a helpful and unique feature of ConductExam. You can share the test papers via email also.

3. Customizable as per your requirements

Universities and educational institutes can also customize the question papers as per their requirement. This means there are no particular templates that can hold you on the such pattern. You are free to create your styles, add sections and remove sections. You can do it by yourself whatever you want. You can also set marks on each question or each section of the question paper.

4. Supports different types of exam patterns

ConductExam online exam software supports different types of exam patterns. You can also generate a question paper with your exam pattern. This can give you the freedom to make any type of question paper. There are different exam patterns for government exams. So ConductExam also allows you to make question papers on that pattern to create a practice paper for government exams.

5. Live to report

ConductExam is also providing the features of live reporting. Students can report their exam taker live when they are attending the exam. This feature helps in case student is unable to complete their test because of any reason then they can live report to the responsible person about the issue. Also after completing the test they can report their exam taker about the exam.

6. Import/Export Questions

Educational institutes and universities can import their ready-made question papers into the software. All they have to do is click on the import questions option and import their question. This can save their time to write all the questions into the software. They can import questions in word format. In the same way, they can also export the questions according to their need.

7. Pricing – Pay as you go, model

Supporting different types of payment gateway allows users to pay with any method pay you go pricing allows ConductExam users to pay as they go with our software. They don’t have to pay all the amount at a time. It gives freedom to the users financially. Payment meths such as Paytm, Payu, Payu money, Instamojo, CC Avenue, stripe, and PayPal. Giving freedom in payment attracts more users to use tour software.

8. Can get study materials

ConductExam Online Exam Software allows students to get study materials. Educational institutes and Universities can upload their study materials on our software. Educational institutes or universities and students can get the complete study solution in our online exam software.

9. Highly Secure

ConductExam Online Exam Software is a highly secure platform to conduct exams online. We took care of all security components and made our online exam software according to it. So there is no chance of leaking your privacy. We always focus on this issue to make our users.

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With automated systems and robust processing capabilities, online exam software provides various advantages over conventional methods of academic assessment. ConductExam is a platform that is already helping out various institutes by catering to their exclusive needs and demands. There will be greater developments in the upcoming days as well as hassle-free operations.

Until then, these methods will help you determine which portal is the most suitable for your needs.

The examination engine at Exam Online is elegantly designed to accommodate a wide variety of academic, admission, and assessment tests. There are no cheaters on this platform because it is highly scalable, robust, safe, customizable, and user-friendly.