Conduct Exam provides you with software to conduct exams online and offline. The software is designed for the educational institutes, coaching classes and corporate sectors where a large number of students/employees can give the test with/without internet connectivity.

The Computer Based Offline Test Software is an independent desktop-based application to be installed in each exam taker’s computer system. The computers are then connected with a centralized server. The students can then appear for the test.

Coaching institutes can win the loyalty of a large number of students through Offline Exams using Computer Based Offline Test Software. It is best useful for the coaching institutes providing training for competitive exams like IIT JEE, AIIMS PMT, GATE, CAT, MAT etc.

Step to conduct Offline Exam Software:


Install the CONDUCT EXAM OFFLINE SOFTWARE in each computer systems where the students need to give the test. Login as Administrator and install the program. Then the computers system are to be connected with the centralized server.


Once the software is installed the administrator needs a Login ID and Password to access the software. The administrator can set his/her own Login ID and Passwords.


The administrator now can add an unlimited number of students. Only the students that are added can now give the test.


The administrator can now create question paper and put the exam on the network server. The Conduct Exam offline supports questions in six-question formats:

  • 1. MCQs
  • 2. Match the Following
  • 3. Fill in the blanks
  • 4. True or False
  • 5. Single Choice Questions
  • 6. Essay type descriptive answer

The software also supports multiple languages. Also one can add graphics, formulas and images.

The Administrator can also set a password to avoid unauthorized access to the question paper.


The administrator can publish the exam as according to the date and time for the exams. Registered students can now login into their computer systems and then give the exams.

The administrator can set the time for giving the exams. Also one can set the time for particular questions also.


ConductExam software grades test instantly and give you access to detailed results reports and statistics making it less time consuming. Provides analytics/reports that are highly reliable and robust.

Examination results can be generated instantly with analytics, graphs, detailed topics report.