Online exams are easy to conduct and also it doesn’t take much time like traditional exams. There is no need for the examiners to invigilate the exam. Online exams are less expensive compared to pen paper based exam.

Online exams are also helpful in saving time because questionnaires are easily set. The answers are instantly checked and the result is generated automatically. As a result, most of the institutes, colleges, universities have introduced the online system of taking exams to cover a large number of candidates. It is making the best use of technology.

How To Start Online Exam Center In India

An online examination can be conducted in a paperless environment right from form filling to the exam with the help of online exam software. Now it is necessary to use online exam software that is convenient and useful for students and educational institute both.

To prevent cheating is the most difficult task for any educational institute. It is a big challenge for every institute to maintain the security of the question paper, answer sheet, results, etc. Online test platform makes exam process more secure, efficient and transparent.

For that, the institute can hire the best exam software to start and run an online exam center. Online exam software provides you the full facility to start test center in own school/university/corporate campus. The software covers the entire process from the student registration to the publication of the final result.

It helps in the admission process also. It is necessary to appoint an administrator to manage the online exam center. The institutions can use their own question banks for the exam. The whole process includes following steps like registration, hall ticket, study material, question paper generation, exam management, exam security, exam schedule, result analysis, etc. Now let’s see the whole exam process.

Before Examination

a) Registration

The exam registration process is online and very easy to do. Students need to check the eligibility criteria of the exam before applying for the exam like nationality, age, educational qualification, pass percentage, etc. Candidate can submit online enrollment form with scanned photograph and signature on website.

Candidate needs to provide required details along with valid email id and mobile number. It is needed for further communication. Online exam software accepts online payment of the exam fees. All the necessary exam details like exam mode, syllabus, schedule, center locations, slot booking, test pattern, duration, sessions, type of questions, sections, the total number of questions, total marks, marking scheme, negative marking, etc. It will be provided to the candidates.

b) Hall ticket

Now all the verified applicants can book their time slot and then download their hall tickets for the exam. If any student fails to book the time slot within the given time slot then the slot will be booked according to the availability of the time slot. Once, the slot booking process is over, the hall ticket will be generated. Students can download and print the hall ticket. It shows hall ticket number, a photograph of the student, address of the test center, test date and time. Students will be provided a copy of the hall ticket of the exam on their email id.

c) Online Study Material

As an owner of an online exam center, you are advised to provide some additional features to the candidates. Online study material helps a lot in many cases as the students will be able to learn at their own. For that, online exam software can help you a lot. Conduct Exam provides a variety of questions in a single subject, topic, concept, formula and more. So, the student can work more on the weak area with active preparation and practice of the subjected matter.

Online exam software can share study material with students so that they can download the documents, images, videos or related subjects, topics and study it. Study material can be shared in PDF, excel and word formats and mostly all the major video formats which will help them in their preparation.

They can securely access e-notes from any web browser including mobile browser. Study material in all sections will help students to practice all types of questions. Students may be spending a lot of time researching, completing assignments and taking tests.

d) Question paper generation

The most important task of the whole exam process is to create an effective question paper. It is very easy to create question paper with the help of question paper generator software like conduct exam. It generates questions in a few minutes. The software allows to add a complexity of question level using a multitude question like single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, match a with b, true-false, matrix match, descriptive questions. The software allows exporting question paper to PDF format after question paper generated.

During Exam

a) Exam Management

It is necessary to verify the hall ticket along with photo ID of the candidate before allowing the candidate to your exam center. Seating arrangements are done regarding the total number of candidates. First, the students will be provided a suitable device like a PC or laptop with internet connection on exam centers. Students just need to login by entering the application number and the password. The demo exam would be provided to get familiar with the live exam process.

The students can see the exam instructions video. The final exam would start after demo exam. If you want to conduct section wise exam, you can add sections like reasoning, English, mathematics, etc. The paper solution with detailed explanation will be provided and candidates would be able to cross check their answers from the paper solution and predict their score.

b) Exam security

For the security purpose, online exam software monitors the students during the exam through secure browser technology, a remote proctoring method with images capturing and video streaming. The student is prevented to open any other window apart from the exam window.

If the student tries to open any other window, he/she will get a warning message and after 3 such warnings, the exam will be suspended. CCTV recording is captured continuously for the whole exam center area.

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c) Exam Schedule

One can easily manage the exam with 3 types of schedule. For a flexible schedule, you can set the exam window for more than 1 hour or 2-3 days as well. Student can take an exam during that window at any point in time.

For a fixed schedule, if you decide to take the exam of 60 minutes and the exam start time is 9 AM then the exam would forcefully end at 10 AM. If a student starts the exam at 9:10 AM then he/she would have only 50 minutes to complete the exam.

For flex schedule with a fixed time, the exam time is fixed and the starting time is recorded. If you set an exam window for 2 days and the student starts the exam at 9 AM for 60 minutes exam then the exam would finish at 10 AM even if the student is disconnected for some time during the exam.

After Exam

a) Result Analysis

The exam software provides detailed section wise and topic wise analysis of a student`s performance. Individual scorecard and the detailed graphical report will be sent on candidate`s email id with average, minimum, maximum score analysis.

The exam software can generate question wise analysis result report. If any question has been answered correctly by 70 students then it can be considered as a moderate question. If any question is answered by all students correctly then it can be considered an easy question.

The software generates individual ranking based on the total score of the student. We can see the pass/fail status of the student. If you need a custom report, then it will be easily customized.

Ways To Conduct Exam

If you want to conduct the online exam at your own center, you can manage entire exam center coordination and execution of the exam process with the help of online exam software. There are mainly four ways to start an online exam.

Web based online exam

To take web-based online exam, an administrator requires a good web based online exam software like Conduct Exam. This software can be run using a web from any place and any time. The administrator of an online examination system can create an online exam at any point of time. The software permits multiple users to share and modify exam content at the same time.

Get online exam software  demo

Students can choose the desired time slot. Web based online exam is very suitable for institutes, corporate sector, companies, universities because students performance records can be well-maintained by this system. Individual analysis can be done easily. The user will get an accurate and instant result after completion of the test.

Mobile/Tablet based online exam application

It is easy to take an exam on Mobile/Tablet with the help of the online exam application. These applications are synchronized with the web portal and the analysis will be from the cumulated data. The application can run on devices like Android, Tablets, and Windows.

The registered candidates can give the exam from their mobile/tablet at any point of time. The students will get immediate result on their screen after completion of the exam. The user can share scores in social media, download videos and documents and refer to friends. The user can receive upcoming exams notifications.

Proctoring based online exam

In proctoring based online exam, software system monitors the student during the exam with the help of a webcam and access to the screen of the student. To take an online proctored test from any location, the student needs a suitable device like PC, laptop with an internet connection, a functional webcam and mike.

In a live proctored test, a proctor monitors audio-video and screen share feeds of the student in real time. In a recorded proctoring method, the audio-video and screen share feeds of the students are recorded during the exam. In the advanced automated proctoring method, besides recording, the system also monitors the feeds for any suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics.

Online portal based test series exam

Online exam portals are about limiting traffic to the right groups of users and providing services. Only portal members can see content and personal login is required. With online exam portal, you can create an online exam by uploading documents in few minutes without any problem. You can conduct the exam into the test series based on chapters, topics or difficulty level.

The result is generated automatically after the completion of the exam. The portal even works during a slow internet connection which makes it more accessible in remote areas where the network is an issue. The exam portal provides detailed section and topic wise analysis of student performance. This method is simple, hassle-free and time-saving.

To sum up all, one can easily start and run your own online exam center by using online exam software in the recent time and also manage all competitive or any other examinations right from the online form fillings to the declaration of the result.