Nowadays, the online classrooms and the online examinations are a new trend, and all thanks to the lockdown implied in the country due to COVID 19. These are the best solutions for educational institutions and their students to continue with their learning process.

Not only are the lectures conducted on online classrooms, but also the institutions can conduct quizzes, viva, and examinations online using smart online exam software. This assures that unstoppable teaching process even in these critical scenarios.

Going in brief regarding the online examination systems, before getting to know how the system works, let’s have a look at its advantages and why we should opt for online examination systems.

Pros of a smart online examination system

  • Eco-friendly strategy: By removing the convention of carrying out the examination using pen and paper, we can say that this strategy is quite friendly to our environment!
  • According to the recent trends: By using smart online exam software, exams have coped up with the latest technologies, and hence we can say it is a modernized way of conducting an examination.
  • Lesser Efforts: Efforts taken by the examiner, supervisor, students, and almost all the staff of the institution will be reduced due to the online system.
  • Set timers: You can also set timers on a set of questions. Students need to answer within that period, or else it won’t be evaluated.
  • Instant results: The results are displayed right after you conclude the examination. You don’t need to wait for a long time. Also, efforts for assessing papers are reduced by this system.
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Secure system

Although having these many advantages, Security is the primary concern for the systems on which the online examinations are being conducted.

Now, let’s go in brief regarding how to conduct online examinations using the online examination tools and the points to keep in mind while doing the tests.

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Two types of exams can be conducted using smart online exam software

1. Subjective examinations require the students to type the answers in brief content to get qualified. A list of questions can be made available on the students’ screen via the online examination platform, and hence, the students can enter their brief answers on the blank screen or a text area provided to them.

They can submit their answers, which will be sent to the examiner to assess it. Here, there are the least possibilities of providing the students with instant results as it might take time for the examiner to determine the brief answers.

2. Objective examinations are the types of studies in which the students will be given a question and four options from which the student will have to select the correct answer.

The advantage of this type of examination is that you can enable instant answers sharing with the students.

Talking about the process to conduct the online examination using the software tools, the following steps might be of our help to know more about it:

The users of this system, or in other words, the smart online exam software can be classified into three groups:

  1. Supervisors: These are the users who do the task of managing the system like maintaining the online users, tests to be uploaded, back-up of the data in case of any issue or failure of the software, and finally, the recovery of the system.
  2. Examiners: These are the actual users who create the questionnaires, subjective questions as well as objective questions, and also assess the answers submitted by those who have appeared for the exam.
  3. Test takers: These are the users who look for the examination and get themselves assessed.

After defining the users from the above three categories, the environment to test the system is prepared. The testing is done by uploading the questionnaires prepared by the examiner, and the supervisor would test the system by appearing for the demo examination.

Meanwhile, the test takers are provided with their examination enrolment identifications, using which they can log in to the examination software. For more straightforward examinations, the examination process is handled automatically, while in the case of high-end and critical studies, invigilators manually monitor the test takers.

Once the examination comes to an end, the answers are evaluated by the examiner. If the examination type is subjective, the software might take some time to notify the assessment results to the test takers. The system gives the surety that the results are sent to the individual test-takers once the assessment process completes. But in case of subjective questions, the results can be provided instantly.

These were the steps regarding how an online examination can be conducted using smart software. Now let’s discuss how this software runs.

The smart online exam software helps an institute plan, organize, and administer the exams through online software via the Internet.

The preparation of conducting an online examination via software is not such a hard task. What you need to do is to start entering the set of questionnaires. To make the interface more attractive, you can also add images, animations, and questions to capture the test takers’ attention.

Once the questionnaire is ready to use, and the decision regarding the commencement and the end time for the exam is made, the examiner can share the link for the examination to the students via mails or social media platforms.

Assessing the progress of the test takers is carried out, and finally, the test takers are notified with their results.

Features Of Smart Online Exam Software:

  1. If animations, graphics, and attractive images are used in the questionnaire, the examination looks quite engaging, and the test takers enjoy appearing for the test.
  2. The smart online exam software’s functionalities must be easy-to-use so that the supervisors, examiners, and the test takers do not face any run time issue while the examination has already commenced.
  3. You can take any test, which may include subjective, objective, audio, video, images, animations, etc. type of questions.
  4. Apart from the questionnaires, the examiners can also opt to prepare the question banks for their subjects, which may contain a long list of items that might be of use for the test takers to prepare for the examinations.
  5. Assessment rules can be easily set through the software, for example, the eligibility criteria to pass the exam, setting timers with each question to challenge the test taker to attempt it within that period, the functionality of reviewing the entered answer before submitting it for the test takers, the examiner can leave the feedback for the test taker based on the assessment done, etc.
  6. The font style, wording, etc. can be customized by the examiner itself.
  7. Lesser distractions to students who appear for examinations.

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Online surveys can be conducted for the following areas

  1. Online entrance examination
  2. Semester examination
  3. Aptitude examinations are taken during the campus placement
  4. Staff Recruitment
  5. Career Guidance

Final Words

Concluding this article, we can say that the smart online exam software is a boon to education systems and industries where continuous assessment is carried out, and following the traditional pen and paper method is now no more feasible.