Technology plays a vital role in the education system structures of the new generation. The mobile devices are used for all-purpose like communication, teaching, education, and of course online exams conduction. Throughout it has been analyzed that mobile has created a good impact on teenagers. Technology has been growing very rapidly so Our main focus is to deliver the knowledge to the young generation ineffective way and assess them in a fruitful way.

The Internet platform is the best option for assessing the students in a very smooth way. In the competitive world, the parents are really worried about the children’s future, this way success in their annual exam and various competitive exams. The integrated technology platform could conduct various kinds of formative class tests, mock tests, home assignments, self-preparation tests, and collaborative tests. So that the parents can track the result of their kids through the intuitive mobile application.

The recruitment board conducts a recruitment examination in a distributed system environment securely through online mode. This mode will also provide live tracking of the examination process which will avoid the various issues including cheating. So the exam administrator takes a breath while conducting the exam. This integrated technology platform will conduct a high stake examination with foolproof and tamper-proof for any kind of cheating.

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How to use mobile devices for the education system?

Now a day’s mobile devices play a vital role in the educational system. This is known as M-Learning.

It is a new way of access learning method content via this device. It’s possible to learn whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have a modern mobile device connected to the Internet. mobile learning offers an opportunity to reach the learners who stay at their remote places.

So in the training center of any educational system can take the advantage of learning while selecting any course. Not only this After creating your learning material (mostly using a desktop), you can share it with your participants so they can learn using their mobile devices, in their own time. The live interaction is also possible which is known as a blended learning approach.

For that, the trainer can share a link to the survey, invite participants by email, or even create a QR code that can be easily captured with a Smartphone camera. There is also the probability to take feedback from the learners that are very effective in training large groups.

So the main advantage is Learn where ever we want! The learning contents are also available in their pocket. Waiting time such as waiting for a plane or flight time can be used for more productive tasks like learning something new. Come on! It’s even possible to take an online course or complete a survey while lying in bed! This means that students who might already be embracing technology will get used to using it for learning and development purposes, instead of just games.

Trends of Mobile devices used in COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines. And these technologies may have a long-lasting impact beyond COVID-19. Mobile learning is here and it is impacting how students learn and how educators teach.

In this pandemic situation, Students are more technologically aware than ever before, and this has led software and website developers to produce applications that are tailored specifically for the classroom. The demand is high and shows no signs of waning any time soon. Wireless and mobile technology are here to stay.

Perhaps the most controversial of all these learning devices is the mobile phone. The students already own this technology and need very little teaching on how to use it, so some educators think it would be remiss not to take advantage of the opportunity that they present.

While they are still undoubtedly useful resources, teachers soon found that they were not without their downsides. In COVID 19 situations Students find them intuitive, school districts find them affordable, and teachers know that they are flexible enough to use across the curriculum.

So many online educational platform has been open for this purpose like Whitehat JR, Byju’s Classes, etc. In COVID 19 situations these online educational platforms become so much popular with respect to the junior students’ age group from 6 years to 18 years.

During this time, many schools shifted online using tools such as Google Meet, Microsoft Meeting, etc. to ensure that the classes could continue without disruption. From the onset of the pandemic, teachers were immediately tasked with implementing online classes without sufficient guidance, training, or resources.

Benefits of Mobile During Examination

During this type of examination there are so many advantages:

1. Saving of Paper

The exam administrator will be happy. You don’t have to take a print for this. So we can save trees, we can save paper!

2. Saves Time

The online exam system will take care of the hassle. It is a completely automatic system. Everything the examiner want can represent through online mode and check an exam again.

3. Saves Money

Sending an email is free. There is no need to buy the paper. The students do not come to the classroom to give an exam, so there is no need to rent a room and to hire the supervisors to conduct the exam.

4. More Secure

You can make a big question bank with a lot of questions. Every student can select the random answers according to the question and share the questions among the exam takers to give them a head start. There is no way of cheating.

5. Hassle-free

Students don’t have to travel to a specific location to conduct the exam. So even for students from remote areas, it’s possible to take the exam.

The Millennial generation has grown up with digital devices. So Mobile learning is tailored to work and think. The researchers in that study have found that that the students who were using the mobile device through their learning had higher academic achievements compared to the control group who are learning in the classroom. This means that those students that were using mobile devices have better scores and academic achievements

Types Of Online Exams Conducted Through Mobile Devices

The online testing, the students’ progress is monitored with the help of learning management systems and apps. This ensures rapid learning personality test, and are conducted in various venues at centers across the country. With this test, you can test how much your students already know about a given subject or topic.

You can use the results of this test to schedule your class. Which subjects need some extra attention. While we are not going to tell you today how to study, it is useful to understand that the exam type you are revising today may require your to learn differently than the exam version and we are studying for the near future.

According to research studies, tests have another benefit: they make you learn and remember more than you might have otherwise. Below are the different types of online exam:

1. Exams conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)

The UPSC is conducting so many exams in a year including government services combined with medical and Engineering service or economic service and the Indian Forest service. The basic preliminary exams could be conducted by that type of mode.

2. SSC Competitive Exams in India

 SSC (Staff Selection Commission) it’s an examination where the candidate can get recruited to various post regarding ministries, departments, and organizations. The basic preliminary exams can be conducted via this mode.

3. L.I.C/ G.I.C. Competitive Exams in India

The Officer exam, Assistant Officer exam. It’s a Life Insurance Corporation in India held once in a year which is generally conducted in the month of June could be conducted through this mode.

4. Bank Competitive Exams in India

Nationalized bank Probationary, State Bank Of India probationary officers. It’s generally for the candidates who wish to get recruited as a Junior Associates or Clerical. RBI exam can be conducted via online mode.

5. Defense Competitive Exams in India

National Defense Academy, Combined Defense services, Indian army preliminary exams can be conducted via online mode.


Nowadays, our Smartphone is glued to our hands. We use it for everything. Communicating with friends and family, online shopping, ordering food, playing games, and so on. Should we also use smartphones for learning?

The group of students was given a mobile device to study the impact of the mobile device on improvement in English conversational skills. This demonstrates that the impact of the mobile device on student learning is positive as far as improving speaking and communication skills in English goes. The Pandemic Transformed The Education Sector Across The World.

In this above content Is A Glimpse Of All The Changes Covid-19 Has Triggered In The Education System. Mobile Learning facilitates and speeds up feedback. While no one was prepared for the pandemic that hit the world, the education system was one of the most disrupted sectors.

On one hand, this crisis has stimulated unprecedented innovation within the education sector and given us all newfound appreciation for the role of teachers and educators. As countries adopted distance learning practices, students with disabilities faced and struggled with many barriers.

There are lots of reasons we want to use of online exam and the overwhelming advantages you get from using such an online exam system instead of the good old fashioned paper exam.