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The COVID 19 era in the year 2020 has shown too many downfalls in developed and developing businesses. Not only incorporate sector but has the loss been seen in the education sector also. Considering the current scenario where the schools are shut for more than six months, online education was the only hope. Though the curriculum has been much efficiently handled by online education using various learning software, the issue for assessing the students for this curriculum remains a question.

To overcome this endangering scenario, where the students’ career is at stake, the universities in the country, with the coordination of the ministry of human resource and development, should develop a solution to assess the students to decide their promotion to the higher levels. One such solution that can be taken into consideration is the online examination system.

This is a necessary step to be taken since how long the students will have to get the notification of the exams getting cancelled or postponed, and how can the students decide from when to start the preparations for the exams? Hence, in this scenario, the online examinations system can be a ray of hope in this COVID 19 eras’ darkness and the halt to the education system due to it.

Latest trends in Online Exam Software:

We have already introduced the trends and technologies in our day to day life, such as using sensor-based devices at home, biometrics and face recognition in the workplace, and so on. But education is still the field was still, the old methods of lecture delivery through chalk and board, manually completing assignments and other assessment activities, etc. are used.

In this scenario, online education has boosted drastically as all the institutions had opted to teach their students online. To make it more advanced, various trends have been introduced to overcome the barriers in education. Hence, in this topic, we will discuss the latest trends in the students’ online assessment. These are:

Leaving behind the conventional methods for examinations amidst the four walls:

The use of online exam software to conduct examination has eradicated the conventional way of gathering several students in the course and distributing questions as well as answer sheets to each one of them, marking their attendance, arranging the sheets according to the sequence of the seats allotted to the students and so on. The online examination system has removed all these physical work.

No more pen and paper to worry about:

The students appearing for the exam get to see the screen’s questions, and they need to enter the correct answer in the same manner. Hence, no more hustle and bustle for looking after the pens and arranging multiple answer sheets to submit to the invigilator.

An effective and efficient method of assessment:

Now the institutions no longer need to stick to a single question paper pattern like detailed questions or multiple choice questions carrying some predefined marks only.

With online assessment, you can use any pattern for assessment without worrying about the pattern of the questions to be included.

You can also use multimedia elements like images, videos, and animations to make the assessment more interesting, rather than merely including the text.

Also, it becomes easier when there are multiple question papers involved, for example, questions from various areas of interest of the students. For instance, if a student opts for area X, he has to attempt the X’s answers only and similarly for the other areas.

More automation included:

You can create a question bank, select the questions to be included in the exams, provide the answer key for the same, etc. using the online examination system.

No partiality during the assessment:

Knowingly or unknowingly, there can be some partiality involved while assessing the students’ answer sheets manually. This is removed in an online examination system as the students’ answers will be directly matched with the answer key uploaded on the system. Hence, there won’t be any biased marks allotment to the students appearing the same question.

What is Online Exam Software?

Now no more hustle of giving exams with several students sitting in an examination room between the four walls. It has become something that can be said old-fashioned. This used to take much time and the faculties’ efforts for conducting the exam, which can be utilized in some other fruitful manner.

To reduce these efforts and the rush when the number of students is more, an offline examination is now automated, which reduces the time and efforts of the examiner and faculties drastically.

This automated method is called Online Exam Software.

This can be a web-based or desktop-based application, which helps ease the process of conducting an examination. It includes the functionalities to add questions, instructions, answer key, question banks, user allocation, marks allocation, etc.

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How online exam software helps you to get a change in the examination system?

The following list of features can help us determine what changes an online examination system can bring. These are:

Planning and scheduling an exam can be done.

This feature includes scheduling the examination dates, seat allotment, hall ticket generation, allotment of duties to the invigilator, attendance management, etc. online. You can also set a reminder for the institution as well as the students using calendars.

Create proper rubrics for grading the students:

You can divide the marks allotment as internal and external marks, assessment marks for assignments, viva, quizzes, etc. can be set automatically. You need to select the students’ activity and allow the marks to him.

Managing the question bank for any subjects:

You can also include the questions to be placed in the question bank, which the students can use further.

Set various levels of difficulties in the questions:

You can set the questions to be asked in the examination according to the level of difficulties you want to select.

Customization in the paper pattern and arrangement of questions:

You can also set the number of questions visible per page, set enable/disable buttons for questions and answers, go back to the previous question or forth to the next question, etc.

Integrate the system with the learning management system:

You can integrate the examination system with the institution’s learning management system, from where you can directly fetch the question bank and their questions, answer key, and other references.

Give access controls:

You can set privileges to give access authorization to the students and examiners so that certain features and functionalities can be controlled from being utilized, for instance, create separate dashboards for students and examiners and hence control the activities of both of them.

1. Get notifications:

The students can get the notifications for the results, scheduling, seat allotment, change in the time table, etc. from the same system.

2. Strict monitoring:

Using the video conferencing, the invigilator can monitor the students’ activities and, if found suspicious, can take necessary actions immediately.

3. Support for multiple languages:

The online exam software is available in all the languages as not every student needs to attempt the answers in English only.

4. Instantaneous results:

The results of the multiple-choice type questions can be displayed as soon as the student submits the exam. Hence, the students need not wait for a longer time to get the results.

5. Assessment reports generation:

Once the results are announced, the report can also be generated using the software, which can be considered a document to mark the student’s eligibility. The student can download it and take a print of it for future reference.

Benefits of online exam software:

The most significant advantage of an online examination system s that a remarkable amount of time and effort of the examiners and the students are saved. Implementing the online exam software in the universities can bring several advantages, some of which can be as follows:

  1. Saves paper, save trees — You are free from making heaps of question papers by taking print out and photocopying each of them.
  2. Reduce the manual efforts of managing the whole process of arranging the examination and administering it.
  3. Instantaneous results have been shared with the students that reduce the students’ waiting time who appeared for the exams.
  4. Minimization of human errors with the system’s development using advanced algorithms and data science techniques. This produces more accurate results as compared to human calculations.
  5. Analysis of batch results for the administration department can become easy. This reduces the time and effort to get the calculations of the student’s overall performance and the institution.
  6. There is no need for large servers to host the system. This is a small application that has the basic configuration required for the server and the domain.

From the students’ point of view, let’s see how this Online Exam Software is beneficial:

  1. No bias marks allotment to the students from an examiner is possible.
  2. Immediate results and feedback for the students’ performance can be displayed.
  3. Students can have access to the examinations, if it is permitted, anywhere and anytime.
  4.  Less time-consuming and brain wrecking for students.

Hence, these were the advantages of the online examination system, from both students and the examiner’s point of view.

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From the above discussion, we can conclude that the year 2020 is getting things done online, whether it is shopping or education. In this scenario, if one wants to assess the students’ progress, they should deploy online examination software for the same. I hope this information helps!

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