Learning Management System (LMS) is one kind of online learning software to provide educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

It is powerful software to teach, test and analyze several learners at the same time from different or even the same location. It is cloud based software which makes it accessible from different locations.

It means that there is no requirement to download or install anything. It is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting etc.

In recent time, the Learning Management System helps to create, administer, adopt, distribute and manage all of the activities related to e-learning training or can act as a complement to classroom learning. This system makes the classroom experience much more powerful.

Now, educational methodologies have become much simpler, more personalized, interactive and experiential. The usage of virtual classrooms and multimedia content makes the management of everything related to learning much more comprehensive, customized and of high quality.

Today teachers and students are provided a personalized, unique and a virtual campus which makes LMS classrooms a great success in education and learning experiences.

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LMS is web space that makes learning a real-time experience. As a result, many educational centres across the world are adopting Learning Management Systems. Moreover, there are many reasons for the Learning Management System (LMS) for educational centres.

Top 8 To Choose Learning Management System

Why E-Learning Is Important In Education?

1. Easy Administration

LMS is a type of software which is very easy to implement in any educational institute. The aim of introducing LMS in any institute is to simplify the work processes and reduce the operation time and minimize mistakes.

It is easy to create the courses in a few simple steps. It quickly includes all academic programs, subject study guides and training under one platform.

This system allows the secure administration of large amounts of information in a user friendly, web based environment.

The system provides better management for registration, students, courses, online content, tutors, supervisors, groups, access, notifications, messages, certificates and reports. LMS provides complete control of the administration, automation, communication with users, teachers, and trainers, and of course content management.

Educational center can create and integrate course materials, clear learning goals, align content and assessments, track studying progress and create a customized test for students.

They can create different types of users such as teachers, students, parents, visitors and editors. Students can submit an online enrollment form with scanned photograph and signature on the website also they can make the online payment of the course fees.

They will get the hall ticket of the exam on their email id. Students will get notifications, timely updates, result on their valid email id.

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2. The active role of students and teachers

LMS invites and encourages teachers and learners to engage with each other by virtual classrooms, voice chat, text chat and video chat.

This system provides a variety of tutors and experts to come together to share their knowledge. Students can easily interact with the teacher and can ask questions in a live online session.

It allows students and teachers to work together to meet scheduled targets.

LMS will enable teachers to access a wide range of learning tools and resources. It allows them to provide learning by embracing the real-world application of theory through multimedia, video, chat and interactivity.

LMS allows teachers to develop and create their materials according to their schedules and whenever they want to.

They can review all teaching materials as many times as needed. It gives them the freedom to experiment in their teaching practice and the ability to make changes if something doesn’t work. It also allows them to make audio and video recordings of their lessons and then to watch, analyze and reflect on the same records afterwards.

The shy students can get the opportunity to interact and participate in class discussion with more ease as compared to face-to-face class discussion. Students can comfortably concentrate on studies as they are not affected by other students and classroom activity.

3. No requirement of training

Learning Management System is a structured technology that makes the lives of users much more accessible and pleasant thanks to its user-friendliness.

There is no requirement for specialized training to use it. A person with basic computer knowledge can efficiently work with new tools or features.

4. Portability

Educational centers can provide online courses to a large number of students not restricted by space constraints, the Learning Management System being scalable and enabled by technology.

You can easily upload courses to a learning management system to track all of the learner’s progress. LMS can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection from any device like computer,

smart phone or tablet. For example, the teacher can give a revision class to all the students through a virtual classroom. Students from a remote area can access the class content and exercises anywhere

5. Live communication

LMS permits personalized access to all members of its community. It is easy for all students to find the communication tools they need in the comprehensive virtual campuses.

The benefits of LMS for teachers include the ability to receive constant feedback from their students about understanding their content.

The system allows teachers to stay connected to their students outside of school hours in order to exchange ideas, resources, videos, methodologies and pedagogical practices.

It enables them to support their students outside the classroom where they don’t spend much time together, and to give them additional instructions on subjects like art, singing, chess and cooking.

Teachers are allowed to lead students to success both during and after school. It also allows them to stay connected with students from all over the world, as well as to share ideas and gain inspiration. Students can clear all their queries and doubts on the discussion platform.

They can directly interact with experts, teachers and their peers. They can keep in touch with the administrator through email if needed from their registered accounts and can also share their valuable feedback.

They can view the latest news published on the web as well as on the mobile app. They will get notifications automatically when any new test series, study material, result or updates are published.

6. Save time and money

LMS provides all the information in one place, without loss of data and information. Everything is available to all users in one place.

The system offers all course content in a single location. Every team member can access the data by using a cloud based Learning Management System.

It provides easy access to all course material from any device making it convenient to use on the go. This will be fruitful in the case where educational center has students spread across the globe in different time zones.

Easy creation, management and carry out educational and training programs saves business hours of time when compared to traditional methods.

Online courses can be used again and again with a new group of learners. LMS provides quick delivery of lessons. This is a very fast system of education.

It saves a lot of time in the learning process. The lesson starts quickly in a single learning session. As a result, the topic will be finished within a few weeks, or sometimes even days.

LMS has a positive influence on institute profitability because it is cost-effective as compared to the traditional mode of learning. The cost decreased because learning through LMS happens quickly and easily.

Educational centers can save money on books and paper by going paperless system through LMS. A lot of teaching time is reduced with respect to teachers, travel, course materials and accommodation.

You can save print material cost by providing every study material in soft copies. Moreover, it is very easy to upload study materials. This also helps in increasing the profitability of an institute.

7. Efficiency

This system (LMS) provides simplicity and efficiency in all processes. Teachers and students can do most of the online learning process with an LMS.

It satisfies any educational center needs easily. LMS is making maximum efficiency with chat, virtual classes, forums, interactive content, multimedia content, supportive resources for the student, individual monitoring, group monitoring, evaluation and analysis through reporting and much more.

LMS can transform your powerpoint slides into presentation based courses with quizzes and quickly deliver them to students. You can use your existing powerpoint presentation or create a new one.

The system transforms your slides into an online course, preserving all powerpoint features, animations, triggers, transitions, multimedia etc. In this way, LMS is fast, easy, efficient and works in real-time.

8. Improve learning experience

LMS is a virtual space created for learning and makes it a complete experience. The system supports content in various formats like text, video, audio etc.

Users can access materials anytime from anywhere. The users can re-use the material every time they need. LMS provides different types of questions including images, formulas and videos. The question bank offers an advanced difficulty level of questions.

The system increases difficulty level using a multitude question like single choice, multiple choice, true/false, match the column, matrix match and descriptive questions.

The students will be provided online test, mock test, quiz, solving methods, formulas, shortcut tricks, examples and exercises.

The users will be provided question wise solution and explanation. Further, they will be provided previous year question papers. The system provides indications to the students on the areas of improvement. You can provide personal attention by the tutors on completion and doubts of the individual learner.

All the students receive the same type of training with LMS. It is easy to evaluate the performance of students by Conduct Exam web-based online exam software. You can add quizzes and surveys to your online courses to assess learner’s knowledge. LMS provides detailed section wise and topic wise analysis of a student’s performance.

Individual scorecard and a detailed graphical report will be sent on student’s email id with average, minimum, maximum score analysis. The students can analyze their performance from different available reports.

This system can well maintain Student’s performance records. The students can check the attempted, left, right, wrong questions and find out their strong as well as weak areas of performance. They can easily focus on weak areas and concentrate more on it.

They will be given a reality check of their progress, needs, strengths and weaknesses. They can identify questions/topics/sections that take most/least time. They can bookmark tougher questions and review them anytime.

To sum up all, learning management system(LMS) is a powerful tool for educational centers. It is the ultimate solution to all type of educational needs.

It provides unlimited benefits with excellent results in training and educational growth. It proves to be a great boon for the educational centers having a large audience and a great deal of subject matter to deliver.