To estimate students’ academic performance online examination is the procedure of conducting an objective or subjective exam. Before oral or written tests were performed by pen and paper and evaluations were made. In an exam hall students were gathered wherever they got a question paper and students write answers by a certain time. The problems were completely unseen to confirm the fair assessment. After a certain time, the students return the answer sheet. The teachers take some days or months to share scores with the students.

All the traditional things persist by the online exam, only the method of the testing system is altered. Students log into an exam software plus get the question paper. They give their answers. Assessment, as well as the result publication, is done inside the software.

Pen and paper-based methods were used in the subjective examination. Technological Advancement could help the process to make simple. In an objective exam, checking the answer is also boring. In an online procedure, you could check it in few seconds.

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The below phrases are used in online exam

  • By the software, you could outline the question set. It delivers a form wherever you could have manifold topics. This question set is an input for different examination arrangements. From the set, you could select your one which suits your need. You can prepare the different settings for the same exam so students cannot cheat
  • You might define the online exam structure. Marks of the question, Examination time all could be set. Subjective and objective test patterned are set separately
  • Setting exam schedule as well as allocate it to one or more applicants could be done. You could also set it along with the group.
  • As per the program, applicants could appear for the exam. They could give replies by typing. They could upload an image also. The student should save the answer after replying each question.
  • Evaluator logs into the system with given credentials as well as view answers. They provide grades against every question. The score will be calculated by the software.

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For both objective and subjective type, you can use an online assessment. There are also some more advantages that are given below

  • Result Scrutiny and Grading

Result analysis is instant and easy in the online exam. Detailed analysis, subject wise analysis, ranking, ratio all are provided by software. For shortlisting or further decision-making procedure it is very helpful. Result processing of traditional exam is manual and enormous administrative job is involved. There are lots of chance of error cause the job is total manual. Many examiners do the compilation of the final result.

  • Security If Implement Exam Software

Security measures need to maintain an online exam. If the students try to switch to another website during the exam, the software should make an alert to constrain the students. There are limited access authority for the question paper as well as an answer sheet.  If certain security measures have been maintained, this is very much safe and secure to conduct online examinations both objective and subjective. The problem of paper leakage is not possible.

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  • Improves Writing

Writing by hand is an old process. There are writing tools that students can use for a thesis statement, support their idea by proof and come to a decision. If the student wants to follow a certain writing cycle like drafting, editing, revising and rewriting, extensive writing is more powerful than writing by hand. The student can create wiki, blogs, website which shows students understanding of the topics, their depth of knowledge and their ability of presentation. There are many audio and web conferencing tools that help the student to connect with each other and also with the instructor. Student can use PowerPoint to present their presentation skills which is very much effective than taking viva. If anybody wants to measures student writing ability then the online-based test is best

  • The software could help stop cheating during exams

In the online-based exam, teachers have a wide range of questions. There are multiple picture-based questions and also multiple text-based questions. There are also video and audio question, fill in the banks, free texts. Here you can also create questions. So the students cannot cheat. In the paper-based system sometimes questions are out and it creates a huge problem

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  • Online exam is cost saving

As huge people is engaged in administrative purpose in traditional method, the method becomes expensive. In online exam, there is no paperwork. So the cost of paper is removed. There is no admin cost also. You just need a computer and that’s it.

  • Online Exam is an easy process

This process is comparatively easy than a traditional system. The software will help to create question paper for the examiner. For the students, this is also an easy process which will help to boost their creativity.

  • Online exam is time-saving

For MCQ type examination, students need to select the right answer given in options. When the answer is submitted to the system, the software would calculate the score. The result of the exam is also created by the software based on the resulting technique. In Subjective type exam, evaluator requisite to check the answer sheet. So want some time for manual checking but less than traditional pen and paper method. So online exam procedure is more efficient than the traditional system.

  • Conclusion

Examinations are an unavoidable part of the learning ecosystem. It is essential to keep up with the times as the technology is evolving and the educational system is becoming competitive day by day. As teaching and learning technique is evolving with time, a process like exams must be studied and inspected. The online exam is the result of such study. This automates, simplify the process for both student and teachers, error-free as well as accurate compared to a rational system. It takes all the good part of the traditional paper-based system that is built over the years. The online examination system is the refined and modern part of the traditional system which is new and inventive and technology is used here.