Computer Based Entrance Exam / Test. A period of paper-based examination experience has driven the foundation of online evaluation, in this way making a generous and versatile examination solution that contacts each one of the parts of the Computer Based Test.

This online exam solution is achievable in admission tests, weekly test for schools/colleges and other educational centers. ConductExam Computer Based Test gives a complete solution, which is easy to use for examiner with login authentication and this software is specially designed for all device like mobile/tablets, laptops and PC. Computer based entrance examination system

Computer Based Entrance Exam / Create test:

One can add question series in just minutes. One can choose the question in the question bank and update date and time to take a test.

The test is supportive of multi-languages. an option for including test commands are additionally given which controls the candidates before exerting the online test.

Examiner login authentication:

ConductExam has advanced with another element of client validation utilizing a web camera.

Once the examiner has a login for the test, the system captures picture/Photo of the examiner showing up for the exam all the photos during the examination are stored automatically in the system for identity validation.

Result Declaration:

There are two ways for the result declaration one can set mock result which is automated generate result after examination which directly appears to the after examination or another functionality is result appear in admin side. One can set result declaration as per own way.