Today in this digital world, everything is digital. So education system should also go with online exam system. Online evaluation of the education system gives a large advantage of the flexibility and cost-effective transformation from a standard pen-paper-based exam to an online exam.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. Every country in the world has taken containment measures to prevent the spread of this virus. The lockdown has also disrupted normal life. Since schools and colleges had to be closed due to the lockdown, students were studying online. Teachers conducted online courses with various tools such as Google Meet, online exam systems, online exam software, etc. India as a country has not embraced online education before, but the pandemic has forced us to do so sooner than we thought we were ready to adapt to. This has various implications for students and the education system. The fact that we have managed to ensure that education is not hindered due to epidemics is something to be commended, but, some things show the gray areas that we as a nation need to work on.

Future of Online Exam System in India

Even online learning has proved to help give school and college students a head start, but it has changed the way candidates prepare for competitive exams in India. It is a known fact that every year thousands of aspirants sit for various competitive exams in India like the civil services exam, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and bank exams like SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, and , the tests of the railway and other recruitment agencies are carried out by civil servants and other recruitment agencies. These exams are very important for many people who want to pass them and get government jobs. The pandemic has also challenged candidates to prepare for these exams and limited their access to various preparation centers such as educational institutes, courses, etc.

Realizing these challenges, various educational institutions like schools and colleges have started online courses. Therefore, the problem of many candidates who had the privilege of going to an open city for their preparation has been largely solved. However, we must understand that even before the pandemic, there was a lack of resources and guidance for many voters across the country. These are candidates who are from good backgrounds who cannot travel to the country for their preparation or who cannot enroll in expensive training schools. Pregnant women are always facing different challenges even before this disease. To ensure that all candidates can get advice and resources based on the choice to prepare for the competition, various startups have started that try to provide candidates with online courses at a low cost. Safalta is an initiative of Amar Ujala who has advised many candidates across the country to help them succeed in the competition.

We need to understand that a platform like this is very important for today’s youth. Given the highly competitive nature of various exams, it is important that candidates have the resources to enhance their preparation. Everyone should always be growing together and the financial background of individuals should not be a hindrance in achieving their goals. The pandemic has highlighted the need for online education systems like Conductexam which provide online exam software for educational institutes to conduct exams online. They reflect the future of education in India and the success of many applicants in our country depends on platforms like these.

What is an online exam System?

An online exam system is a software that is built to automate the entire process of online examination. From creating, conducting exams, and evaluating online exams. The online exam system covers everything. It is the best and most accurate method to conduct online exams from any place or location without any geo-location restrictions.

The main application of online exam systems are-

Education Sector:

Assessments or exams are one of the major pillars of an education system that maintain the strength of the education system. Weekly tests, term exams, annual exams, competitive/ entrance tests, and admission tests are the regular part of the education system. Entrance exams or competitive exams already started shifting on the online platform after the COVID-19 lockdown. The remaining modes of examinations are starting to conduct exams through the online exam system.

Corporate Sector:

Corporate sectors are continuously involved in a process of hiring new candidates, training, and promoting their employees. All of these need assessments. For the hiring process, pre-employability exams are mainly conducted by companies or organizations which are conducted through an online platform as it is secure and flexible and can examine candidates from across the globe at once.

Reasons why online education(Online exam system) should be the future of India

Educational exchange

Online learning offers flexibility for both the learner and the teacher. Students can attend classes at any time. E-learning is becoming very important, especially for working professionals who want to organize work and study. Working professionals can continue their education after their working hours, as online learning allows for this flexibility. Learners can also study at their own pace, schedule lessons at their convenience, and choose to resume the recording session when in doubt or for clarification.

Greater access

E-learning has broken the barriers to going to university or other educational institutions to study. Learners do not need to travel or follow a strict schedule, which is an important part of traditional classroom learning. Using a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection, students can access classes from any part of the world. Also, the cost-effective nature of online education makes it a very desirable option for learners these days. Students can save money on going to college and buying books. E-books and other educational materials are often online and easily accessible.

A personalized learning experience with multiple programs

Personalized learning is one of the best benefits that online learning offers. Students can access various learning materials such as photos, videos, and e-mails that they can refer to. The evolution of online courses has allowed for better student-teacher interactions. Online learning often offers a variety of programs and courses. Universities these days offer online versions of their degree programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for students from all walks of life. Learners can choose from a various subjects that interest them and pursue them.

Get the skills needed

Online learning helps improve one’s time management skills, especially among working professionals who have to meet deadlines in their corporate studies. Online courses instill a sense of responsibility in students as they need to complete coursework on time in order to complete their coursework successfully. Collaboration is an important part of online learning, where learners interact with different people, which becomes part of their learning process. It also helps in building networks. As students are always interacting with their peers even in the web environment, it helps to improve their communication skills to a higher level. Students also develop problem-solving skills as they are challenged to approach each problem differently. Needless to say, the popularity of e-Learning systems is only growing with time, and its benefits have made it a great alternative to traditional learning. Given its benefits, e-learning is already having an impact. Although tradition cannot be completely eliminated, e-learning is definitely the future of education in India.

Individual Learning experience

The online exam systems offer a better learning experience where classes are taken through artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Online learning systems include the tools like LMS (learning management system), which serves as a virtual classroom in which teachers can deliver online classes and students can attend them. They both can interact with each other. Online exam system also involves mobile learning which consists of short and small-sized micro lessons that students can easily access directly from their smartphone.

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There are many advantages of the online exam system that offline assessments cannot offer you. The online exam system is the best assessment method at this time. Doing an effective assessment requires having the best and most reliable online exam software.

Online testing programs are the hallmarks of academic research, offering distinct improvements over traditional strategies through their robotic systems and ability to control light. Many systems are available to help organizations meet their needs and requirements. The coming days will promise confusion and other significant encounters that can be used without anything. Until then, these specific features will help you find the best deals available right now.

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