Online examination system has become helpful in the educational area for arranging online tests. Through the online examination system, schools, colleges, or coaching classes conduct online exams. 

All over the world, the examination system is used by many schools, colleges, coaching classes, government classes, etc. Nowadays software is becoming applicable to attempt an online exam from wherever and whenever and also computers are well known for a wide range of users. 

The online examination system is easy to handle. You follow a few steps to conduct the exam online. Studying through computers, mobile, and laptops is known as e-learning. Students are interested in e-learning, and the exam is part of e-learning. This is the biggest revolution in the education area to convey knowledge with student interest. 

Modern generation children are experts in using technology and easily take their attention in an online activity. Teachers and professors have the advantage of increasing student interest in the study through eLearning. There are various advantages to using an online examination system. 

But sometimes, when attempting an online exam, some problems are faced by the student and administration. This problem will distract the student.

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 Steps of Online Examination System

The working environment of the online examination system is simple. It arranges an online exam at any education level from primary to higher education.

Through Online Examination System, students can attempt the exam at the same time and from different places.

Exam Time-table

Schools, colleges, or coaching classes make an exam timetable through online exam software and upload it in the software by the administration. Students download that exam timetable and start preparing as per the timetable by providing study material through their teachers. 

Question Paper

Teachers spend their time preparing the question papers and also use stationery for the offline mode of exam. The traditional exam is time-consuming. 

Administrators save their time by making a question paper because the software provides a feature to generate the questions paper for the students or candidates. On the day of the exam, students answer the questions online. 

Auto-generate Result 

After the exam automatically generates the test result and displays the results to the students or candidates through the online test system. The working ecosystem of online examination software is automative, cost-effective, and time-saving.  

Problems arrive while using an online examination system. 

E-learning classes, e-assessments, or online tests are arranged by the school, colleges, coaching classes, government classes, corporate areas, etc. But sometimes, some problems arrive while using an online examination system. Before using online exam software, you have to be aware of the disadvantages. 

Internet Connection

Internet connection is required for online learning or online exams. A stable internet connection is needed for the online exam. But in some rural or remote areas still have connectivity issues. With the unstable internet, the online exam is challenging or nearly impossible. 

Internet connection is generally unstable, so online exam software has a chance of disturbance during exams. Maybe students couldn’t give an exam just because of a page reloading issue on the screen. 

Communication Issues

The Traditional exam system has the benefits of solving the student issues regarding tests. Through the online test system, students give an online exam, but if the student has any problem regarding the test, the student isn’t able to communicate with teachers and raise any queries. 

If students are never able to solve their issues, then they never concentrate on their exams. So, while conducting the e-Test, there is a lack of communication between students and teachers.  

Susceptible to Cheating

Generally, at traditional exams, teachers continuously monitor their students. So, students didn’t get the chance to cheat during exams.   

Students can attempt exams from their home or comfort areas, so the teacher cannot monitor them. Because of that, students have plenty of chances to cheat on their exams. Students take help from their classmates by calling them or taking help from their parents, and teachers aren’t aware of this during exams. 

Require Technical equipment

 For conducting online exams, students need a computer or laptop or mobile / tablet, also required an internet connection. But all of the students do not have computers or laptops or mobile / tablets to use exam software, and without online exam software, they didn’t give an online test. That’s why many schools or colleges don’t use examination software. 


Security is essential for students as well as administrations. Schools, colleges, or coaching classes arrange an online test. But sometimes a challenge arrives like a student who attempts the test is a proper authentic person to give the exam? So, software should have security to identify the genuine student to provide an exam.

  • Difficulty in Attend Long Answer-type

Traditionally exams are taken by pen-paper so; students give a brief answer to questions. But in the modern way exams are arranged online using computers, laptops, mobiles or tablets. 

The examiner is simply taking an exam in MCQ, short answer question, fill the blanks, True-false, simple text question-answer, visual question-answer, etc. But when the teacher wanted to conduct a long question-answer, the student faced the problem while giving the long answers through the computer. 

Question bank preparation

A question paper is a set of questions prepared by the teachers or expert team for the particular subjects. The results know the quality of the assessment. So as per the exam level, teachers prepare the question, but it isn’t easy to prepare quality-level questions using the software. 

These are all the reasons some institutes do not use the e-learning method. The online test system is undoubtedly useful for students and teachers but while using online examination software they have to prepare for facing various kinds of problems.  

Solution for Problem while using online examination software.

If you have any problem, then there are various solutions to the problem. They use online examination software for arranged online tests. Then students have a problem while using the online exam software, so there are solutions for these problems. 

Reduced administration burden

The administration has too much burden to arrange the physical paper exam. They have to prepare the question paper, and after the exam, they have to create a result of the exam.

Now a day administration arranges an online examination with the help of online exam software. They reduced all burdens of the administrations. Also, auto-generated paper and auto-generated results save the time of administration.  

Live chat during exam

Teachers instruct as per exam pattern but attempting the online exam, guide the students becomes difficult for the teachers. 

 Live chat with teachers during exams is a facility provided by the exam system. With live chat features, students ask any query to the teacher, and the teacher solves the quarry of the student. These features through students got the solution for their problems. 

Random Test

Just think there are ten questions which the teacher prepares for students. Now with the random test features, students attempt the same question but in different series. 

These are advanced features of the online examination software. Through random tests, every student attempts a different question at the same time. So there is a lack of chances to cheat at the online exam. 

Mobile Application

Android phones are ubiquitous nowadays, so every student knows how to use android devices and android applications. 

In the market, there are various online learning applications available. So, through the app, students are also given an exam. This type of application is run into any android phone or tablet. This application has features to upload and download study material, attend online classes and online exams.


The Online Examination System is widely used. Conducting online tests is now essential for the students and teachers. Sometimes students get irritated while attempting online tests and distract from the study. But a solution regarding their problem is available through students focused on their studies.  

Modern way eLearning is a positive point for grabbing the student’s attention on the study and teachers assess them as per their progress report through online exam software. This cost-effective system is easy to handle.  

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