Due to the easy and simple use of this online exam software, the online exam is on demand because the main essential thing is you can create a test quickly and also get the result immediately.

Online exam software has many features. there is no wonder that online exam is the best exam portal. Today we will see the unique features of online exam software.

Different login credential for each user:

In the offline exam, some candidates answered another exam paper but in the online examination, all candidates have a unique login id and password which is an important feature of online exam.

Now no one gets the chances of attending another test.

The probability of cheating is less:

In the offline exam system, all question paper has the same questions and ordered sequentially.

Conducting Without supervision, an offline exam confidentiality is less comparatively online exam software because in the online system you can set as per your requirement like you change the order of questions as well as the order of objective answers.

Instant Result report:

In Online Test Software, there is a special feature of generation of result reports automatically so no much faculty staff requires.

The result is created by the online exam software and also result will be error free.

Device compatibility:

This online exam software is compatible for all systems its fit for mobile, tablets and laptop/pc so the examiner can give test anywhere anytime.

Recovery of data:

The main benefits of this software are backup recovery. All your records are saved in this software.