Exams are not depended on student’s like and dislikes because it is a necessity to measure skill and ability so it is part of everyday life through the career. There are many types of tests regarding different purposes.

Now, let’s see each test types to judge the performance over exams. These all types of tests are conducted by online exam software easily.

Type Of Exams

1. Diagnostic test

The diagnostic test gives an overview of the student’s knowledge, which they have already know about the respective subject or topic.

Faculties can understand the grasping level of students and then this test outcome help faculty to take decision for rescheduling the class for this topic which means how much necessity to conduct an extra class for study hours.

2. Placement/recruitment test

This type of test used to place the students for the next level or hiring an employee to an appropriate position.

As per hiring employees, the recruitment test has a different section like aptitude test, reasoning test. As per students, placement test considers their subjects/topics.

3.Progress/weekend test

This test is mostly conducted at weekend/month-end. This test is used to track the progress of students in a given subject.

Mainly two format of progress test first one is objective tests and the second is subjective tests.

The objective test includes multiple choice answers for one question and students choose or tick any one of them and subjective test include descriptive question and students can give answers in essays.

Online test software has the functionality of immediate result report so examiner and also students can view a result of any test.