Conduct Exam is an online exam software which provides a robust platform for online examination. Conduct Exam provides innovative and impeccable solutions for examination throughout various colleges, universities, educational institutions and also many leading corporate entities. This software is promoted by highly qualified team and specialized in creating high impact online examination software which is highly efficient in terms of reliability and speed.

With Conduct Exam, online examinations can be conducted at ease and a team of innovators constantly research on making the procedure of examination simple and easy. Conduct Exam aims at helping the students as well as the clients such as companies and universities to transcend the time constraints and geographical boundaries with highly skilled administrator and monitor. Complete and clear information on examination is available on the portal.

Conduct Exam offers an integrated package of software applications for online examinations, offline examinations, lab based examinations, center based examinations and many more. This software is capable to answer the undying efforts of the teachers as well as the moderators who are working towards simplification and modernization of the examination techniques. Conduct Exam has already conducted innumerable examinations throughout and has proved highly successful and simplified in campus placement reducing manpower requirement and the cost implementation as well as work load of the company officials. The results are highly reliable, quick, saves time and manpower.

Why Choose Conduct Exam?

  1. Completely secured platform
  2. Easy to Create, Share and Analyze the test
  3. Result is generated automatically after completion of test
  4. Assign Date and Time to the test and limit it’s availability
  5. Customization available as per requirement
  6. Flexible pricing i.e. pay as u go
  7. Synchronization of test on Web and Mobile/Tablet hosted on Cloud Servers
  8. Supports large number of Concurrent Users
  9. Supports multiple languages
  10. 24/7 support



Conduct Exam provides simple to use online examination system with the convenience of the web. Through the use of the web this can be accessible from any part of the world at any point of time. With this online management system, the administrator has the freedom to create an online exam or questions at any point of time. These online tests or questions can be easily shared with the users. The user also has the flexibility to give the online test at any time and from anywhere as per the suitability.

With Conduct Exam web based online examination software administrator can analyze the online test after the submission by the user. The online test can be analyzed in various ways as per the requirement. This will make the process of analysing the test fast and with a high rate of accuracy.

Conduct Exam web based online examination software provides the result after completion of the test. There is no waiting for the result. At the same time after completion the user can see the result online. The user can analyse the test question wise and can categorize the questions that took more time and which are easy to solve. This will help the user to improve in the area in which user is lacking.

Conduct Exam web based online examination software is user-friendly and are compatible with all the common browsers used for the activity based on the web. This does not require any new software to be updated or installed for conducting or giving any online examination. The web browsers compatible are Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome 8+, Opera 10+ and Firefox 3.0+. These browsers are easily found in every corner of the world. There is no special training required to do anything on online examination software for uploading of question or test paper or analysis or giving of the test, etc. With little knowledge of computer, it can be accessed and worked on easily.

This Conduct Exam online examination software based on the web can be used by Institutions, Universities, Corporate, tuition centers, etc. This is the best way of creating online records of test for the students, employees etc. With this analysis can be made on individual basis easily. This also makes everyone free from the hassles of test given on paper. With this, the requirement to make all the records on paper on the basis of person to person is done easily which is considered to be the most tedious task.

Conduct Exam maintains the security of each and every paper and records on the web. The security is one of the major criteria for Conduct Exam software. There is safety regarding all the records and data with Conduct Exam. All the records are there in the cloud and can be accessed by the individual at any time.

Conduct Exam can be accessed any time 365 days. It is accessible 24*7 without any issues or complication. The service support is there every time without any break. In case of any difficulty the support can be taken without making a second thought about it.


It has been predicted long back that the world would be dominated by fingers. Giving life to this prediction is the Conduct Exam Mobile App, which allows students to practice examinations using their mobile phones. Conduct Exam web based online examination software is user-friendly and is compatible with all the common browser.

One can synchronize the web-based program with mobile/tablet and operate it from any places at any point in time. The application is compatible with devices like with iPhone, Tablet, Windows, and Android.

The administrator can create, share and analyze the test at any given point of time and place. The registered candidates can give the test from their mobile/tablet at any time anywhere. All the records of completed exams and upcoming exams are there on the cloud and can be accessed by the individual anytime. User can check the attempted, left, right, wrong questions and find out their strong as well as weak area of performance. The user can compare the results with other students and can also see the solutions of the questions given in the test.

The salient feature of this application is that the user can practice exams on mobile phones/tablets anytime anywhere.

Conduct exam mobile application is user-friendly and easy to operate. The students can also download the documents and videos of the topic that are provided.

3) Computer Based Offline Test

Conduct Exam software offers a feature which enables the organization/institutions/colleges/universities to conduct unlimited tests for unlimited students at their centers without any internet connectivity.

4) Center Based Test (CBT) 

Conduct Exam software offers a feature of Center-Based Testing (CBT). This ‘mock’ exam feature of the software application offers a real-time exam environment to the students to help them get familiar with the feel of a real exam like IIT, CAT, etc.

5) CD/USB Based Test 

Conduct Exam software offers the option of conducting the test from a CD/USB setup with your organization branding on it. Each CD/USB is licensed for each system and Internet connectivity is not required to take the test which helps the students to practice more.


1) Educational/Coaching Institutions

Conduct Exam software is very user-friendly for the coaching institutes as it allows you to conduct online exams through your website which helps the students to practice exams from home or from anywhere. The software supports different competitive examinations like CAT, IIT/JEE, AIIMS, AIPMT, GATE, etc. The software covers the entire process from registration of the student to the publishing of result. Students can also see the time taken for each question and can compare themselves with the toppers which will help your institute and your students to get more success. 

2) Schools & Olympiads


Conduct Exam software is very useful for teachers for conducting online/offline exams at school premises or students can also take the exam from their home by logging on to the school website. The conventional method was time consuming where you need to keep the question paper at a secured place in order to avoid unauthorized access. By using this portal, the question papers created are saved on a server which requires an administrator password to avoid any unauthorized access. You can conduct the exam easily which makes it less time consuming activity.


Conduct Exam software enables the institutes/organizations to conduct an online/offline Olympiad. A large number of concurrent users can take the exam simultaneously and the results can be declared immediately. We also provide a center for conducting online examination.

3) Colleges & Universities

Conduct Exam software enables Colleges & Universities in conducting exams like entrance exam, internal assessments, scholarship exams, recruitment examination, practice & final exams. The data will be safe and secure and the software covers the entire process from registration of the student to the publishing of result.

4) Govt. & PSUs

Conduct Exam software enables government department and PSUs to conduct online/offline computer-based exam for the recruitment of different profiles. The data will be safe and secure. The software covers the entire process from registration of the candidate to the publishing of result. We also provide a center for conducting online examination.

5) Corporate Recruitment, Appraisals & Surveys

Recruitment & Appraisal

Conduct Exam software has an extensive tool to monitor and manage the entire recruitment and appraisal process in an organization. The highly innovative and accurate platform ensures that the right candidate is selected. In the same way, if any employee has applied for a higher post, it can be done by conducting an online exam which will help you in taking the decision.


Conduct Exam software is very effective in conducting online Surveys. It makes it easy for the organizations to gather information, analyze the data and make better decisions. You can also keep a record of the result for future reference.

6) Distance Education

Conduct Exam software enables distance learning universities to increase the platform of education. You can conduct online objective and subjective examinations of the students and publish the results online at your website. The software covers the entire process from registration of the student to the publishing of result. We also provide a center for conducting online examination.

7) Educational Publishers

Conduct Exam software enables the publishers to conduct online exam through their website or through a CD which can be attached with a book. Students can do the free online registration and can take free tests or buy the online test series offered by you.

8) Training & Certification


Conduct Exam software is widely used by companies to help their employees get better acquainted with their products. After the employee is given a rigorous training of the products, an online/offline test is conducted to analyze the product knowledge of all the employees. This will help you to detect and correct the area of concern with appropriate measures. You can also keep a record of the result for future reference.


Conduct Exam software helps the organizations to manage the whole certification process. After the employee passes the test, Conduct exam issues a certificate with your labeling automatically which can also be emailed to the respective employees.


From an Administrator point of view:

  1. Easy to enter/import questions as per different topics
  2. Supports different types of question entries which include images and videos
  3. Randomized questions and shuffling of questions and options
  4. Create tests quickly and assign the date, time and limit its availability
  5. Analyze the performance of students
  6. Publish the results automatically by defining the date and time
  7. Third-party Integration is possible i.e. SMS, online payment gateway, etc
  8. Sell test online and share news/documents in pdf, word and excel formats
  9. Create sub-admins and assign different roles and responsibilities
  10. Import and Export of data

From the User point of view:

  1. Identify questions that take most/least time
  2. Question wise solution and explanation
  3. The instant result after submitting the test
  4. Detailed reports available for proper Test Analysis
  5. Know their performance skill level by comparing with toppers
  6. Highlight difficult questions and review all past answers anytime
  7. Know their weak areas so as to concentrate more on it
  8. All India ranking available
  9. Download the notes and solutions provided
  10.  Access the online exam 24/7