Online Exam Software is a great idea and implementation for your institute to be the best part of the modern education system.
The traditional examination system with long, time consuming conducting and evaluating process, the online exam systems offers you the speedy and accurate solutions within the desired time limit.

The assessment is fast, reliable and accurate.

All you need is to start with a set of questions. The questions can be text, graphics, images etc.

Larger Organizations can create their own centralized Question Banks and can prepare the test when required.
With the help of the Internet, conduct the test and maintain a uniform pattern for all the examiners throughout the organization.

The Online Exam Software maintains the record of scores and will generate mark sheets for each and every student appearing for the exams.

The results are quick, accurate and reliable. The mark sheets can be printed at any point of time and the students can compare/ analyze the results with other students appearing for the same examination.

Also, the teachers can create numerous sets of distinct question papers consisting of all type of questions in equal proportion with the help of Question Banks.


1.Flexibility/Simplicity of Approach

The software is capable to answer the undying efforts of the teachers as well as the moderators who are working towards simplification and modernization of the examination techniques.

Exams can be conducted anywhere at any time with the help of internet. The students can even give the exams from home. Only they need is a computer or tablet or mobile phones with an internet connection.

The results are highly reliable, quick, saves time and manpower.
The online exam software also provides a notification facility. The notification goes automatically when any new test series, study material, result or news is published. Custom notifications can also be sent on web and mobile app.

3.Privacy of the data

The security and privacy of an exam is of prime importance. The exams question papers, as well as the mark sheets, needs to be strictly kept confidential.

Online Exam Software stores all this data with high privacy and security. The content of the exam is looked up in the database and the database can be accessed only by the authorized person. All passwords are fully encrypted when stored in the system.

4.Time Management:

Computers help in saving time. With the widespread use of computers and the internet, users are easily familiar with the systems.

The students are also given a precise time period to give a test and all the results are generated quickly and accurately.

Quick analysis and results help the students to keep pace with the studies and other ranker students.

5. Cost Saving

The traditional exam system needs to bear the cost of printing exam papers, also supervisor is needed and an arrangement of the exam centre.
Online Exam Software cuts all the above expenses. The test can be conducted from anywhere at any time. Only the need is to buy the software once and it will provide you with the service for the years you need.