For creating an Online Test, Conduct Exam software supports two categories:

  1. Objective
  2. Subjective

Online exam software offers an easy way to add/import different types of Objective Type Questions from word and excel formats like Multiple choices, Multiple choices with multiple answers, Fill in the blanks, True & False, Essay, Matrix Match, Match the following, etc.

Images, Formulas, and Videos can also be uploaded.

You can develop your own question bank and questions can be added to different subjects, lessons and sub lessons.

Subjective Type Questions are used for measuring students’ ability to select and organizing suitable words, phrases or sentences for stating/describing a given state, situation, concept or an event.

They are extensively used for measuring students’ abilities/capabilities to analyze, interpret, evaluate, appraise or criticize a given process, concept or phenomenon.

Essay type test items provide the students freedom of conceptualizing, integrating and constructing ideas according to their own taste and will.

Conduct Exam also supports questions in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, etc.


  • Essay questions are easy to construct.
  • Offer students an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and abilities in a variety of ways.
  • It gives the test taker a freedom of selection and presenting ideas according to his/her own way.
  • Writing skills can be efficiently and directly measured by it.
  • The test taker can upload audio/video/word/pdf/link to answer a particular question.

With ConductExam Online Exam Software administrator don’t have to manually submit the questions, instead, they can be imported form ready questions in the word or excel sheet.

Also, the questions can be sorted out according to requirements using filters.