How To Start Online Exam Center In India

Education is the gateway through every stage of a person’s life. A qualified person can accomplish their every desire and goal. Education is an equal right for each self. It has been given importance from ancient times, and exams are conducted to test the knowledge of the people.

The exam is a formal test of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill. Examinations are traditionally conducted on a paper sheet. The exam has been paper-based since the 18th century. But as time has traveled and in the present 21st century, there is no longer the requirement of the paper sheet and pen to appear for an exam.

The science and technology field has grown immensely. There is a lot of new and modern invention and development in the technical department. Perhaps online exam software has also evolved tremendously in the field of science and technology.

A developed country uses the concept of online assessment software as it is more convenient for the students as well as educators. Thus online examination system will lead the country one step closer to modernization. Several organizations and institutions have inculcated the online examination system, but there are few left untapped.

The online exam portal is to be planned, analyze, and developed according to the actual requirement of the examination. As online exam software is widely used in every sector such as the government sector, universities exam, and even for the required purpose.

Online exam software is also used for the educators and officers to test their performance and decide their promotion and designation based on the score. Online assessment software is designed such that they give instant results as soon as the exam gets over. Grades are generated automatically no need for educators to sit and check the papers. Thus it makes it was flexible to be used and implemented in an exam center.

How to start an online exam center in India using an online exam portal

The online exam portal is designed to eliminate the paper-based exam and introduce a new environment-friendly way to take an exam. Online exam software only requires the candidate to have a device with a browser and a good speed internet connection.

With the aid of the device and internet, the candidate can appear for the exam sitting in any corner of the world. Hence online exam software proves to be an effective way of conducting any kind of examinations. So many institutions have started taking online examination.

Starting an examination center using an online exam portal will be a more efficient, secure and a transparent process. The institute can hire the best exam software to start and run an online exam center. Online exam portal is more secure compared to traditional examination as it requires registration and scarcer chances to cheat during exam and leakage of question paper and answers.

The online exam portal is well organized by the administrative process, they will manage the online exam software through their tools. Thus it is necessary to have a management team.

The online exam portal contains the question banks and all the aid that students need like e-notes and schedules etc. The previous results are also available thus the students can also compare their results with the present results.

The whole process of the online examination system includes steps like registration, hall ticket, study material, question paper generation, exam management, exam security, exam schedule, result analysis, etc. The online exam center is the hub where students can go and take an exam if they do not have enough facilities like computers and the internet.

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  • Registration

Registration is the first step for the online exam portal. The student’s details are to be mentioned in the registration form, mobile no. email id, nationality, educational qualification, name, and age, etc. Online exam software accepts online payment of the exam fees. Students need to verify their eligibility to appear for the exam.

Registration is done online so it is quick and easy. After registration all the necessary exam details like exam mode, syllabus, schedule, center locations, slot booking, test pattern, duration, sessions, type of questions, sections, the total number of questions, total marks, marking scheme, negative marking, etc. It will be provided to the candidates.

  • Hall ticket

Now as the students have verified his/her identity thus they get their slot for appearing in the exam. Candidates can download and print their hall tickets online.

The booking slot will be available for a particular period after the slot booking is over no candidate to apply then. Hall ticket is then forwarded to the email id of the candidate with all necessary information related to the exam in it.

  • Online Study Material

Online assessment software aids the students to work on their weaker subject by providing notes to them. The notes are not paper-based the are e-notes. E-notes are quite handy as they can be accessed from anywhere with their given id and password. E-notes can be referend on mobile and other devices too.

Materials are in either pdf, excel, or word form which can even be downloaded by the students for future reference. Also, educators can conduct live sessions and can upload videos related to the study topic. Thus online exam software provides material online so that the students don’t have to spend a lot of time researching.

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  • Question paper generation

The online exam center will generate a question bank according to the exam requirement. There is a question paper generating software that is used to create an effective question paper for the exam. This software will generate all types of questions like single choice, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, match A with B, true-false, matrix match, and descriptive questions in a few minutes. These questions can be shared in a PDF format.

  • Exam Management

During the exam, it is necessary to verify the hall ticket with the student photo id before allowing them to enter the exam hall. Fake candidates are to be rejected. The seating arrangement is done according to the seat number and the students need to login into their id password, to their assigned computer and internet. The exam instructions will be available on the device as per the online examination software.

  • Exam security

Security is the key factor in any examination. The online exam software observes the students during the test through secure browser technology, a remote proctoring method with images capturing, and video streaming. The student is not granted to open any other window except the exam window, and if he/she does, they will be given 3 warnings and then they will be suspended for the exam. CCTV is recorded during the exam in the online exam center.

  • Exam Schedule

The exam schedules are pre-planned, there is a flexible and rigid duration of the time slot. In the flexible time slot, students can take an exam within 2 or a few days and can submit at their own convenience. And in the rigid exam, the time slot is booked for one hour or so, then they will end and automatically be submitted if the time gets terminated. if the candidate is late to the exam hall, they will not get extra time in this case.

  • Result Analysis

Results are the main purpose of conducting an online exam system. Results are generated very swiftly and accurately by using an online exam portal. Online exam software does not require the educator to sit and go through all the papers.

Results are displayed as the exam taken is submitted by the student. The exam software provides a detailed section-wise and topic wise analysis of a student`s performance.

The software generates individual ranking based on the total score of the student. It will display the score in percentage or grade accordingly. Even the results can be customized as per the exam center needs.

If 70 students can answer the same question, the test is considered a moderate exam and if few students can answer, it is considered a hard exam. The online examination software allows the students to compare their previous results with the current results. So that it is easy to analyze their results and performance.

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Ways to Conduct Exam

The online exam center should be managed. The entire exam center should coordinate and execution of the exam process with the online exam software. There are several ways to start an online exam center with all conditions of the online examination system.

  • Web-based online exam

Web-based Online examination software can be conducted web-based. The management will require a good web-based online exam software. The web-based exam is flexible as it can run at any time and any place by running the exam software.

The exam center can create an online exam at any point of time by an online examination system. It allows access to multiple users to share and modify exam content.

Web-based exam software can maintain the performance record very accurately, thus it is widely used in institutions, universities, and government sectors. Also, candidates can choose the desired time slot and analyze is easy. Results will be displayed instantly after the exam is submitted.

  • Mobile-based online exam application

Mobile and tablets are highly used devices in the 21st century. Thus online exam system is also designed which is potable on a mobile browser as it is handier. Online exam software is created such that they can run on devices like Android, Tablets, and Windows.

The mobile application exam is the same as the computer device where students need to register and can take the exam and results will appear on the device screen. Candidates will be notified on their mobile phone for upcoming exams, also they can download the e-notes and the scores, etc.

  • Proctoring based online exam

  As the name suggests, the proctoring based exam which monitors the student during the exam with the help of a webcam and access to the screen of the student with the help of software.

A functional webcam, mike, good internet speed, and a computer device are required to take a proctoring online exam. A proctor monitors audio-video and screen share feeds of the student in real-time in real proctoring and a recorded proctoring will record the data.

  • Online portal based test series exam

An online exam portal is invented to organize the online exam system. It reduces the access traffic and gives authority to the right group to upload the documents and log in. With an online exam portal, documents can be uploaded in less time and without any error.

Online portal exam software can work under slow internet speed which makes it more accessible in every network area. Hence this method is simple and time-saving and students can analyze their performance and results immediately.

Therefore, by using online exam software and online assessment software anyone can start the online exam center and can manage it efficiently and effectively.