The pre employment test is necessary to hire an employee. An employment test can help to choose a perfect candidate. As a recruiter or HR, you are responsible for hiring employees.

First, let’s see what is a pre employment test? Pre employment test is conducted by hr/recruiter. The pre-employment test can help to shortlist candidate out of many candidates.

This test separates the skills of many candidates. Many types of pre-employment test are available so let’s see the types of pre-employment tests based on skill, knowledge.

Pre-employment assessment minimizes the time of the interview. Not a one recommended tests but there are so many tests available for pre-employment.

1. Pre-employment skills test

In this pre-employment test, a recruiter can check employee’s soft skills, communication and resume, it is not quite enough for hiring candidates.

This assessment also helps to choose the right skill for hiring an employee. Pre-employment skills test consider employee behavior,  basic intelligence, and ability which must have to perform the job for the employee.

2. Pre-employment personality test

As per name suggest it is all the about personality which is your first impression also known as a job-fit test, a recruiter can determine how well an applicant would fit in at your client’s company.

Personality tests assess a candidate’s impression. How employee fit with the company’s culture for a particular position. Is an employee capable of workload? Usually, the personality test includes many of the questions which shows the performance of the applicant’s behavior.

3. Pre-employment aptitude test

Aptitude is all about the applicant’s learning, knowledge, and logic. A recruiter can know about quick learning of the candidate? Is the candidate a quick learner?

Aptitude tests show a recruiter’s decision making and understanding of what the candidate knows and how well they can pick up on new tasks. To conduct aptitude test, a recruiter can use online exam software for an instant result of aptitude tests, this test shows the recruiters that how a candidate will perform on the job when it faces real-time and critical thinking.

4. Pre-employment background check

To know about employee ‘s background is very important to judge the future’s career in an organization.

In this test,  check the history of the previous job which represents why an employee is hiring in a previous company. Employee ‘s background based on candidates’ responsibility, work integrity, and personal records.

5. Job-related knowledge tests

This test is especially for check knowledge about particular work fields. For example, a software engineer may be asked about basic knowledge of software development (coding ) logic and programming.

These kinds of tests are more helpful to require the particular talent of the work field. This test focuses on the potential skills of work and abilities to perform a task. The outcome of this test suggests that the applicant will hire or not.