Introduction of Online Exam Software

On the cause that you have to be aware of the most recent pattern of the teaching field, online exam software is an important new uplift that every school should design in its examination system. An outstanding technology, online exam software has changed the entire exam system.

This technology is exceptionally prominent among colleges outland and is a significant tool for schools that envy to be involved in the stay of the best schools on the planet.

Use of this technique, instead of traditional paper-based composition tests; The exams are directed at PCs which at the best help meager time and, above all, paper. Due to the simple accessibility of PC and web, state-of-the-art technology for examination is largely accepted in every scholarly foundation.

Examination System Online

A test manufacturer truncates the entire examination process and then deactivates the evaluation process. Using this prodigious tool, schools can dispose of vast examination customs, for example, preparing question papers, interest the points of enrollment of the applicant and assessing appropriate response sheets to convey the result.

The online exam software is designed by manufacture experts to purposely achieve a creativeness-focused examination process. Protected and profitable, this online exam manager reduces the possibility of errors between assessments and becomes accessible in one-two snaps.

The Online Exam supervision key is a financial method for surveying and enhancing a student’s academic execution because they can take numerous simulated tests before performing any generally focused exam.

This promoted IT device gives your students an edge over others and enables you to show any state level, national level or even global level aggressive exams in abstruse areas physically present in the exam area. This exam can be modified by the nonlinear exam maker to the needs of a single school or school and guarantees the fixture of the implementation of their students in schools and more.

ConductExam gives you all the things that you need to create and run quizzes, and exams for your candidates. You can set the Exam daily and analyze it in a good way. We can handle all the problems from exam management by handling random stuff like user-profiles and exam delivery for them and you have a small number, we have hooded you.

Simple to use

ConductExam is an online exam system planned for individuals, academic institutes, professional organizations, and their users. It’s simple for everyone to use like administrators, faculties, and students.

Questions Pilotage

ConductExam gives not limited multilingual question bank pilotage, it supports the organization’s heritage from scholars and ancient teachers in the form of questions.

Candidate Management

The candidate management working is a dull task, involves so much time and riches. With ConductExam, enrollment in progress reports can make the process at your fingertips with full exactness and the much care, yet very simple!

Strong analysis

ConductExam furnishes you with an omnibus set of actual-time reports from which you can cure the cogency of all quizzes or exam you conduct or appear. Except for the results and deeply cure your candidates’ education.

Import and export data

With ConductExam, you can easily export / import data in popular formats such as Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Pdf and CSV. Its integrated email support system helps users send lists and results.

Practice exams using online exam software

Challenges To Manage Examination Online

Great crowd of concurrent candidates

The merit examinations in colleges for conducting entry-level and campus drives have now been made comfortable with a large number of candidates here.

You can go ahead and plan your huge range with a huge number of concurrent candidates taking the test at the same time or the same place or in many different places around the world.

In addition, there is a possibility to increase the available infrastructure as per your need to make heavy loads smooth and easy. Thousands of candidates can now take the exam simultaneously and exam managers’ desire for a one-time exam is a particularly good reason for a delightful reality.

Addictive tool for exam managers

You can view the exam live and view live, recurring exams of your candidates’ current activities, including your efforts, device name, browser, OS, IP address and location details.

You can get notifications for important online exam events on your Android device. Please download this Android app from Google Play Store.

With the use of exam monitoring, monitoring of the live exam is very easy and accurate.

Empower learner – Online test maker software

Online test software gives learners an advantage, and they can create tests on various parameters that aid self-study.

Learners can select exam mode. Difficulty level, number of questions and classes can be chosen according to a willingness to learn.

The candidate can create an examination from a large question bank specifying unused, incorrect and flagged questions. Frequently asked questions can be stopped here.

Administrators need to create a question bank only once and do not have to bear the burden of creating tests. Online exam software is a win-win tool for polishing learners and facilitating administrators.

Online exam software supports self-study. Learners can select exam mode. Questions can be selected as unused, incorrect, or flagged to prevent repeated questions.

The performance report in test maker software provides a true track record of your level of understanding and preparation for your exam.


Provide an easy and email-verified self-registration to your candidates and facilitate your exam manager. Candidates cannot select any particular group as per your wish and can enter personal details themselves.

Proper email verification is done for the candidate which avoids fake IDs and can help in the submission of dummy candidates. Self-registration can be done on your website only.

Give Exam in your language

ConductExam provides the complete user interface in your language. This means that buttons, menus, messages and of course, your content will be displayed in your tongue.

Make your candidates feel your natural language product. We have translated candidate sites from professional translators.

On top of this, you can customize the logo, color, and layout according to your organizational theme.

Topics are superior, experience the test.

Adept exams have enhanced super effective, regular multiple-choice questions are like heated rice, we require curry and salad to complete a feed.

ConductExam gives you many various types of questions

  • Multiple options
  • Fill in the gaps
  • Match type
  • Drag and match
  • Yes no
  • right wrong
  • Essay type
  • Scenario-based
  • Video/audio-based

You can specify values according to the complexity level of a question, and helpful descriptions can be attached easily. If necessary, you can attach labels to the question which will be disappeared for the candidate but can help the exam supervisor.

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Here your efforts speak loudly

ConductExam understands the efforts you put into building the question bank. We will expand your questions and sections such as Challenge Quotient and difficulty level. This allows you to see how many times the answer to each question has been correctly or incorrectly left unanswered.

The overall performance of all the classes can be viewed, and the details can be seen on the click, this helps the exam manager as well as the teacher to determine the next tasks. The analysis provides great assistance and guidance in classroom learning.

Also, information about the exam such as scheduled, completed or pending date and time, score, group, and the name is provided.

Keep your reports nice

ConductExam allows you to print, download and share beautiful PDFs for your reports.

You can quickly print certificates, reports, lists, scorecards and similar questionnaires.

Here, printer-friendly format gives you the best possible savings on printer paper and ink. You can directly send reports to your candidates with one click.

Access rights – granted or denied

ConductExam offers you to assign roles to those involved in the testing process. You can create accounts and grant them access rights according to their role.

The instructor accounts can be given access rights of examination manager, content provider, and their usage as per examination, content, date and time, candidates and general administration.

Access rights may be changed in the future as per the status of other examinations.

Comfortable with Mobile and tablet.

ConductExam is designed keeping in mind the current mobile and tablet usage patterns.

The site is fully responsive and gives you the best form of having a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone on any device.

You can also know the device used by the candidates for taking the exam with the help of the examination monitor.

You can make quizzes and exams from your tablet or mobile. So take or make a test from anywhere and everywhere.

Great support

We would love to assist you with any questions and will resolve them on priority, our 24/7 email support is here to help and We also provide call support if you want to talk to us.

We’ve put the same integrated support ticketing system in your admin account, so if you need any kind of support, all you need to do is drop a line.

We also provide live chat for your questions and assistance.