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In recent time, it is easy to be prepared for various competitive exams. We are living in the world of technology. Today students want mobile, relevant, self-paced and personalized content. This is fully possible only with the online exam software. Here, students are able to learn at their own requirement and comfort.

The online method of learning is beneficial for everyone. We can see the notable changes in how the content is accessed, consumed, discussed and shared. Online exam software is more beneficial for the students to prepare and practice for the various competitive exams like IIT, JEE, NEET, GATE, CAT, MAT, etc. Online exam software is like your personal trainer. It gives you an opportunity to improve your exam performance at home.

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It completely solves your two major problems. 1 what is your current position to face the exam? 2 what should be your next step to improve your performance? With the help of online exam software like conduct exam, students can be well prepared for any competitive exam type and can feel the real experience of attempting an actual exam.

It is better to know what to study and when to study as a student. Smart work and hard work both are necessary for the desired result in competitive exams. Now prepare your examination using online practice test software.

In competitive exams, you have to perform better than others. It is called the competition against each other. For that, online exam software helps a lot by providing the necessary information, online study material, competitive questions, online test series, mobile/tablet apps, CD/USB based test, any time learning mode, personalized analysis and communication for preparation and practice in various competitive exams.

Practice exams using online Practice exam software

Necessary information

Online exam software provides the details about test schedules, test patterns, test syllabus, test center locations, test time slots, test series, number of completed test, incomplete tests, remaining tests, missed tests, marks, etc. The user can also view the performance graph of each completed test.

Online Study Material

Online study material helps a lot in many cases as the students will be able to learn at their own. Conduct Exam provides a variety of questions in a single subject, topic, concept, formula and more.

So, the student can concentrate on the weak area with active preparation and practice of the subjected matter. Online exam software can share study material with students so that they can download the documents, images, videos or related subjects, topics and study it.

The software provides study material in PDF, excel and word formats and mostly all the major video formats which will help them in their preparation. They can securely access e-notes from any web browser including mobile browser. Online exam software provides updated content through synchronization. As a result, students can access updated content whenever they want it.

This is a very economical option for preparing and practicing for gaining degree/certification in various competitive exams. Students can get comprehensive chapter and subject wise modules covering the whole syllabus.

Students can spend a lot of time researching, completing assignments and taking tests. That is why most of the candidates opt for online study material instead of going for the classroom study.

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Competitive Questions Preaper using online practice test software

Competitive exams are all about objective questions. A question bank contains questions that are twisted and tricky. By solving those questions you will get an idea about competitive exams. Question banks are very helpful to solve different types of questions and master the concept in a short interval of time. Online exam software provides different types of competitive questions including images, formulas, and videos. The question bank consists of an advanced difficulty level of questions.

The software increases difficulty level using a multitude question like single choice, multiple choice, true/false, match the column, matrix match, and descriptive questions. The students will be provided online test, mock test, quiz, solving methods, formulas, shortcut tricks, examples, and exercises. Further, they will be provided question wise solution and explanation. Further, they will be provided previous year question papers.

Practice with online test series

Online test series helps you to understand two things. 1. Your current level of preparation 2. The level of preparation required. It is necessary to take a few online test series before you attempt your actual exam. You can feel the real experience of attempting an actual exam. Moreover, you can manage your time so that you finish your test well in time and also have some extra time in which you can re-check your answers. Conduct Exam provides some of the best and relevant online test series.

It is very beneficial for the students to evaluate their preparation for the competitive exams. It covers most of the subjects like Logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, computer awareness, data interpretation, verbal ability, general awareness, banking awareness, etc. It allows students to practice unlimited tests.

As a result, students will have a strong practice with adequate questions. The paper solution is provided just after the exam. The user can take the online test in multiple languages 24/7 from mobile/tablet and web.

The user can create tests quickly by choosing the option of random questions. It allows the students to practice with an advanced difficulty level of questions. Online test series will help candidates to score more marks in competitive exams like IBPS, SBI, SSC, RAILWAY, etc.

All the questions are prepared by the most experienced faculties in the country. After completion of the test, you will find all the questions with detailed explanation and correct answer. The software provides immediate result after completion of an online test. Students will get the result online on their screen. All the records of completed tests and upcoming tests are there on the cloud and can be accessed by the students anytime.

Moreover, the students will be provided graphical analysis of their progress and cumulative scorecard. Comprehensive analysis like score, rank, percentile, topic-wise performance analysis can be generated online.

Students can see their reports at any point in time. Online test series gives you an opportunity to improve your exam performance at home itself. In this way, online test series provided by the software is very beneficial for the students to evaluate their preparation for the final exams.

Practice with Mobile/tablet app

Online exam Free software provides many educational android apps for competitive exam preparation. It is easy to prepare for the competitive exam on a mobile/tablet with the help of online exam software. Conduct Exam mobile application is very easy to operate.

The application is synchronized with the web portal. The analysis will be from the cumulated data. The registered students can use the app from their mobile/tablet at any time. This type of application provides relevant practice questions based on various competitive exams like IIT, JEE, NEET, CAT, MAT etc.

The application covers most of the subjects like logical reasoning, general awareness, quantitative aptitude, English, banking awareness etc. These applications are available on Google play for android device downloads.

The user will get an accurate and instant result after completion of the test. The students can share scores in social media, download videos and documents and refer to friends.

These applications provide thousands of questions prepared by toppers and experts, previous year questions, all India rank, comprehensive chapter and subject wise modules covering the whole syllabus, exam notifications, bookmarking feature for tougher questions and powerful analytics for performance checks.

Practice with CD/USB based test

Nowadays, students have many handy options for the exam practice like CD/USB test. Conduct Exam offers all possible formats including exam software in CD or exam software in USB. There is no need of Internet connectivity to take the test which helps the students to practice more.

It allows students to practice unlimited tests. The students will be provided detailed graphical reporting with comparative analysis. Without ever connecting to the internet, students will be able to see a full solution and result in an analysis of the attempted test.

Any time learning

Online exam software promotes active and independent learning at any time. If students do not understand the topic first time around, they can rewind the audio and video again and again. Students can access the content an unlimited number of times. This helps them at the time of revision when preparing for competitive exams. In the traditional method, if they miss the lecture, then they have to prepare for that topic on their own.

But with the help of online exam software, they can attend the lectures whenever they want. Students can increase their own speed of learning instead of following the speed of the whole group. Students do not require traveling to a specific location for learning.

They can learn at the comfort of their own place. Students will learn on their own device in their own time. Online exam software enables a very quick method of learning. All the students receive the same type of training with this learning mode.

They can remember the lessons for a long time with the help of graphs and images. Students can easily interact with the teacher and can ask questions in a live online session. The shy students can get the opportunity to interact and participate in class discussions with more ease as compared to face-to-face class discussions. Students can easily concentrate on preparations as they are not affected by other students and classroom activity.

Personalized Analysis

By using online exam software, the students can analyze their performance from different available reports. The software provides all India ranking which helps in knowing the current performance. Students can compare their performance with toppers.

Student`s performance records can be well maintained by this system. The students can check the attempted, left, right, wrong questions and find out their strengths as well as weak areas of performance. They can easily focus on weak areas and concentrate more on it. Online practice test software to prepare your whole examination.

They will be given a reality check of their progress, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. They can identify questions/topics/sections that take most/least time. They can bookmark tougher questions and review them anytime.

Communication for Learning

Emails, lecture videos and video conferencing are all possible through the online exam software. It helps all the students to give their views on a particular topic and then discuss them further. Students can clear all their queries and doubts on the discussion platform.

They can directly interact with experts, teachers and their peers. They can keep in touch with the administrator through email if needed from their registered accounts and can also share their valuable feedback.

They can view the latest news published on the web as well as on the mobile app. They will get notifications automatically when any new test series, study material, result or news is published.

Here we have seen that by using online exam software, students can prepare and practice for various competitive exams in the best ways. As a result, students can score more marks in competitive exams. The ratio of successful students in competitive exams is increasing day by day.