Conduct exam is accurate and reliable online exam software supporting towards simplification and modernization of the exam techniques. One can create, share and analyze the test at one single platform.

You can also sell the test created to multiple users in India and Abroad. The results are quick and accurate.

One can acess, give the test from their homes/colleges, on mobile/laptop with basic requirement of internet connectivity. This feature saves the time of users.

The online exam software is served with educational assessment software.

Assessment software is the software that allows us to have more accurate testing of the grades and performance and comes with a wide range of other benefits for the students and teachers.

Thus pupils can also compare their appearance with the past results or with other candidates. Assessment software allows quick grading and automated results that show the result in a pass or fail a grade or a percentage of correct answers.

Hence, online examination system is highly computer-based which makes it profoundly reliable and efficient to use.

A little skill, continuous practice and hard work let you to come up with flying colors in your final exams.

Unique features of conduct exam software

  • Easy to add/import questions from word/excel format as per different topics & subjects
  • Publish the results automatically or by defining the date and time
  • Sell your online test series and get monetary benefits
  • Send emails, notifications and share news, documents and videos on Web, Mobile and Tablet which is accessible 24/7
  • Import and Export of data in excel, word and PDF formats
  • Instant scorecard after submitting the online test
  • All India ranking available which helps in knowing the current performance