When it comes to conducting an online exam, you have to trust the ones who are pioneers in it. Conduct Exam is an innovative and robust web based online exam software which helps Educational Institutions, Corporates, Government and other leading organizations to conduct online examinations and surveys with ease.

Conduct Exam’s portal works on Cloud Computing Architecture through which exam can be accessed 24/7 from Web and Mobile/Tablet. Our Solution can be used for conducting different types of assessment  such as Examination, Recruitment, Survey, Training, Certification, etc.

The online exam software is served with educational assessment software.

Assessment software is the software that allows us to have more accurate testing of the grades and performance and comes with a wide range of other benefits for the students and teachers. Thus pupils can also compare their appearance with the past results or with other candidates.

Assessment software allows quick grading and automated results that show the result in a pass or fail grade or a percentage of correct answers.

Hence, online examination system is highly computer-based which makes it profoundly reliable and efficient to use.