What is an online examination system?

Online examination system is the online platform for conducting the examination in coaching classes, schools/colleges and for recruitment companies. Maximum management of all the processes of examination is handled by online examination software.

Why the requirement of online examination system?

The online examination system specially designed according to the educational environment. Time is valuable, and it is very well may be spared with the online examination software. Any examine gets access examination anywhere and anytime.

How is the online examination system a successful factor?

Nowadays, an online exam is on-demand due to it’s an availability most of the student’s practices for their examination through examination software.

It is a very convenient way to the exam at home, or anywhere so training and coaching centers create test series and sell it for needed students.

Conduct Exam also offers offline test series or adds own question bank to conduct test series include date and time even as per your priority.

Secure and authorized portal

All examine have a personal login ID and password and Conduct Exam online exam software have advanced feature of image proctoring for candidates’ authentication.

It is a very secure and authoritative portal to conduct exam in schools/colleges and training and coaching classes that are customized and solution.

Access Data From Dashboard

All of the data of examination like test series and schedule, examinee’s score and missed a test, remaining and incomplete test all are on the dashboard. Examine and Administrator, both are viewed these data.

Eco-friendly administration

An online examination is a paperless examination.

Not usually, the manual records safe in paperwork instead of online exam software increases the data efficiency & also with quick data recovery.

Exam administrators can send the exam updates, study material, notification, exam result.

Student Performance Analysis & Exam Reports

The online examination system provides the immediate result report of all the examinees at the completion of the examination. One can see the overall performance analysis of examination.

Productive system

The online examination system is a productive system for schools/colleges, which assists educational Institutes to Succeed. By utilizing online exam software, the educational sector can save time and cost.