Though our Indian education system is witnessing revolution since the last two decades, one term has always grabbed the attention of all educationists as well as thinkers and that are Exams.

Our education system is based on an evaluation of an individual’s grades or marks in exams he or she appears. Exams are an integral part of our education system although the way it is being taken is changing rapidly.

Traditionally a teacher used to set a paper of a particular subject and then students have to write correct answers of the same. As time is changing this pattern is changing too. Now in many educational entities, the exams are taken by using Online Exam Software.

What is the Online exam software?

Exam software is a solution that provides automation to the complete examination process. This exam software based on the data generates hall tickets of all students. It also dedicates halls to all students based on their roll number. Then there are set of papers generated by the Online exam software itself for the students.

After the answers are fed in exam software, the software also evaluates the candidate based on the answers he or she has given. Based on the evaluation the exam software prepares the report cards of the candidates too. It is very easy to use and helps to reduce the burden of teachers.

As exam software helps in assessing bulk data, it has changed the conventional method of taking exams. Online Exam software provides fuss and formality free exams to the students hence it is becoming popular day by day.

A glimpse of our examination system

Our education system is based on an evaluation of students’ knowledge in a particular subject. Exam helps to evaluate that. With the word exam, comes sincerity.

The student who had not touched the book in whole year is seemed to go through whole syllabus when exams are declared.

Exams test a student’s knowledge of a prescribed subject. Hence students become more careful and prepared too.

The types of exams taken are oral, written and practical. Oral exams are taken in lower classes as the age of kids will be inappropriate for the written exams.

Oral exams include answering questions asked by the teacher. It can be the series of numbers, letters, fill the missing letters, and sing your favorite rhyme and many more. Little kids answer these questions orally and hence are evaluated on the bases of their answers.

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A written exam includes writing answers of set of questions provided by the teacher which is known as Question Paper.

The subject teacher set the question papers for their relevant subjects and students to have to write them in a given period of time limit. After this, the teachers assess the papers based on the answer key and evaluate the students’ performance.

The practical exams are turning out to be a need of an hour. As per the current scenario a student’s practical knowledge is must for the relevant subjects like computer, physics, chemistry, biology and all applied engineering subjects.

In addition to applied engineering, professional courses also emphasize on the practical knowledge of aspirants. Such knowledge is often tested with practical exams.


Being realistic, our examination system is not undergone relevant revival since long. Our evolution approach is one dimensional.

We tend to focus more on Rote-Learning and memory rather than merit. It is often seen that students who only memorize the concepts to get through exams, forget all of them as soon as exams are over.

Role of Exam Software in improving the education system

When we are talking about our education system, we can say it’s on the verge of changing yet it is not changing because of our rooted beliefs.

Hence this technology can help is to get the elevation needed to get the needed change in the education system. Exam software has evolved as a demand of this new generation.

Exam software can deal with several issues at a time. Exam software makes it easy for both students and teachers to go through this havoc of exams.

Now the question arise that how exam software helps to improve the education system? The following points can be considered while continuing this discussion.

  1. Exam software creates ease in all operational difficulties which a teacher or the clerk has to face while conducting exams offline. It helps the institutes with data storage and enables the reduction in operational costs also.
  2. It reduces the time given in simply generating question papers, assessing the piles of answer papers, making report cards, and all other activities which becomes necessary in offline exams. Exam software gives freedom to teachers from all these tiring activities. Hence a teacher shall have much more time for teaching and it will also improve overall student teacher engagement.
  3. Exam software comes with self evaluation. It gives prompt results. Hence a candidate can see himself where he lacks. It improves understanding and adaptability of students as well.
  4. Exam software also provides correct answers after the assessment is over. Hence it works as an Insight for students. Student can correct their answers and go ahead again in other sessions.
  5. Above all, Exam software reduces the fear of exams. The burden of writing lengthy answers. The anxiety of sitting in an examination hall is unavoidable and is also one the reasons why students many times skip studying. Online Exam software makes exams a bit more relaxing and less annoying affair.

Concluding this, it is always assumed that a student is always prepared for exams and it is part of their life. But this is not the scenario now.

With the increase in penetration of internet and technology, institutions will have to think upon giving better environment to the students.

This can be done with empowering their students with various technologies available in the field of education.

Exam software will surely prove to be a helping help to teachers and a buddy to students from whom they would not fear anymore. Let’s make exams a fairy tale with Online exam software rather than a nightmare.